Grand Map

Grand Map

The complete Grand Map on the floor of spawn.

Type Major Project
World Survival 3
Project Leader(s) 18.png Skelleton123
18.png _edo
Contributors See below
Status Complete

Not to be confused with the Great Survival Map, the Grand Map's counterpart on Survival 2.

The Grand Map was a public project on the Survival 3 world. Based at Spawn, the project aimed to map the entire 20,000x20,000 block world, using a grid of 400 maps at 1:16 scale. Each map was donated by a player via a donation booth, also in spawn. With the advent of 1.13, players could add banners to their maps to show their landmarks on the Grand Map, and SRN stations were also added. The result was a community map that any player could easily check out by using /spawn to see the location of biomes, bases, stations, cities and other features and where they fit into the world.


The Grand Map was a very similar project to the Great Survival Map (GSM) of the Survival 2 world. That project was based in the City of Havana, which shared several key members with the build team for Survival 3 spawn. After the clear success of the GSM, the concept was put forward by the build team and was accepted as a major feature of Spawn.

The Grand Map was not announced in any way, but was present from the launch of Survival 3, and the first maps began to trickle in once players felt they had the resources to commit to such a large map. Progress had been steady throughout since then, especially with a few players submitting many maps of their surrounding area.

In the first week of 2020, after a relatively quiet period in the last months of 2019, 18.png Lakosius started exploring and donating many new maps. A couple of other players joined in and by January 10th, 2020, the Grand Map was fully mapped out!

Since then, players were still able to update maps and add banner names to the Grand Map.

The Map

Locator.svg Spawn in Survival 3


Location of Spawn on the Grand Map of Survival 3.

(Co-ordinates - X: 0, Z: 0)



(under construction)

Player name Nr of maps
18.png Lakosius 55?
18.png Broga_ ?
many more... (under construction)