The Home Tree

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The Home Tree
Survival 3
Home Tree overview.png
The Home Tree and surrounding town
WorldSurvival 3
Founded21st October, 2018
Mayor(s)20.png Dutchsoccer
Contributors20.png MC_Lelouch, 20.png TeapotYeti, 20.png endorwitch, 20.png EtaThetaZeta, 20.png blueartistic813_, 20.png SnazzyK101
TransportSRN Branch Line
NTN Approved Branch
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"The ocean is still endless at this location, but this bird appears to be perched on a cloud…" The last journal, Home Tree lore.

The Home Tree was a major settlement on the Survival 3 world of the Dogcraft Server, founded on the 21st of October, 2018; the second day of the new world. The main structure in the settlement was the eponymous tree; a hollowed tree structure stretching from ground level to the build limit. Within the tree could be found many rooms and access to farms. On the surface level, the tree was surrounded by player-owned plots and pathways that wove through the roots of the tree, with a large town featuring spiraling pathways located in front of the tree, also providing Survival Railway Network access to the area via a branch line.

Below the base could be found a huge underground industrial complex which contained farms and storage for the settlement and its builders.


In an age long forgotten, a seed fell from the beak of a sparrow which landed on a small peninsula near the sea. Through the age of giants, the seed grew into a strong tall Tree that reached as tall as the giants stood. Through a great war of the giants, the peninsula was the site of their last battle. As the eon’s passed, the Tree began to absorb the nutrients that the extinct giants granted, forcing the Tree to evolve and grow even further, beyond its normal growth rate. As the Tree began to exhaust the resources it needed for its growth, its roots and limbs reached across the world to absorb anything that could possibly sustain its enormous size.

During the First Age of Enlightenment, intrepid explorers had heard stories from sailors of large roots blocking possible shipping lanes. These explorers wanted to discover what possible plant could be so large to affect many sailors on such a scale. As they began their adventure, they had found that these roots were not actually roots, but full branches the size of cargo ships. The journals from these explorers stated that they crossed the world in a myriad of patterns often in confusion because of the uncertainty to the source of this plant. With their hope beginning to fade with the years of searching yielding little results, the explorers spotted a green sparrow that they thought was just off the bow of their ship. As they gazed upon the bird through the marine telescope, the explorers discovered the sparrow was a great distance away, yet it appeared normal in size through their own eyes. With their hope renewed, they followed the bird to which a surviving entry of their journal reports, “The ocean is still endless at this location, but this bird appears to be perched on a cloud…”. As they sailed closer, they began to see a tree on the horizon that reached beyond the clouds.

With the Tree looming tall in front of them, the explorers were amazed at the sheer number of discoveries they were observing before even disembarking from the ship. The peninsula was found to have many animals from the land and air moving about the Tree with incredible sizes. The explorers were astounded at the possibility of life at the Tree that they sent word to neighboring settlements for people to settle within the protective trunk of the Tree. Over the years, many people visited the Tree see the amazing wonders that were around it, the explorers decedents decided that a city needed to be established just outside of the Tree that could handle the many settlers coming to the peninsula.