Renstone National Park

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Renstone National Park
Survival 3
An overhead view of the park under construction
TypeBuilding Project
World(s)Survival 3
Leader(s)20.png Sam_Argos

Renstone National Park was a nature preserved area on the Survival 3 world. The park was situated at 16k, 16k south-east of Spawn. Renstone was planned to feature mountains, a lake, river, valleys, and more. The goal was to have a varied park for visitors to enjoy with paths to walk on, caves to explore, and wonders to see. In addition, making the park feel as natural and as real as possible was very important.

The park was divided into several areas, each with their own flavor, where nature took to the forefront and buildings were only meant to support the natural elements. Each area would be created in such a way that visitors were compelled to explore and find new and exciting vistas.

Park Areas


This area housed the southern entrance to the park and the main visitors center. The key element of this area was the central lake surrounded by several mountains and forests. The mountains around the lake were "adoptable" meaning a (team of) player(s) could choose to "adopt" that mountain to landscape it and make it more interesting than "vanilla" terrain generation was possible to. They were allowed to name the mountain whatever they liked and place any information near it explaining their mountain.

Mount Renmore

Not to be confused with Mount Hermitmore, an attraction in Barkenstein

Southwest to the lakeside area would be a huge mountain range leading up to build limit. It would feature canyons, waterfalls comparable to Niagara falls, mountain paths to the top of the mountain, and caves which visitors could explore.

Magical Forest

To the northwest of the Lakeside area you would find a small magical forest inhabited by fairy tale figures. It would be a dense area where you would easily get lost if you strayed too far away from the main road. However, those willing to get lost might be rewarded with enchanting views.

Delta Mountain

A mountain to the north of the Lakeside area. A larger mountain (not as large as Mt. Renmore) that stretched into the northern ocean. Many rivers of the park converged at this point and had created a delta around the mountain. Because of the tropical climate of the area, there was a reef to be found nearby as well.

The Biome project

A large area to the northeast of the Lakeside area. It would be filled with several different biomes not found in vanilla Minecraft, but built and connected in such a way that there was a natural flow between each small biome.


The Farmlands

Not a part of renstone, but certainly connected. The rangers, overseers, and enviromentalists who supported the park had built a small farming community on these lands where they'd built their own rustic houses and enjoyed working in nature. The farmlands were divided into the flatlands, where crops were grown and farm animals roamed on the fields, and the forest, where the lumberjacks carved out a balanced relationship with the wood. You could find and visit it to the west of the park.

Little Venice

Another nearby connection was Little Venice. A small city built as an homage to the Havana of Survival 2 with one major difference: The city was built on small islands connected by small bridges, but the waterways would be the primary ways to reach the houses. All the houses were built on the waterside as if they were slowly sinking into the water.

Background Takeshi by Edo