Dragon Valley

Dragon Valley

Dragon Valley

World Survival 3
Mayor(s) 18.png Broga_18.png wiki_10018.png _skyhook
Dimension Overworld sur3
Status Cancelled
Railway SRN Branch Line - Shoreline Station
Nether NTN Official Branch

Dragon Valley is a settlement on the Survival 3 world of the Dogcraft Server.

Dragon valley was formed way back in early winter 2018, what started as a Broga_ and Wiki_1000 personal base soon evolved into city of dragon Valley. How this happened, over December of 2018 we were pranked several times over, with each prank came a new theme that would be adopted into each of the deferent Cults. As time went bye the city, grew into large 1500 blocks long and 1200 block wide area. It featured Large mountain ranges, vast valley floor, custom Rivers, Horse riding outlets, a large ocean area filled to the brim with underwater features, the Ocean also had a massive dragon skull. There were also hidden temples, sanctuary and lots and lots of hidden areas, trees that were living and much more. The overall style of the city was medieval Nordic. The city was connected to the NTN and SRN a station (Dragon Valley Station) connecting to the SRN (shoreline station) and a smaller station, officially unnamed but referred to as dragon tree. Which connected Home tree (station), way rest and Dragon valley, sadly this build did not get complete, do the end of sur3.

What dragon valley was best known for, probably all the epic pranks that happened in the year and half. The listing of the events to large write, but notable mentions the epic sheep herd, drowned army attack, and Sea tree take over. The mayors of dragon valley Broga_, wiki_1000 and _Skyhook all endorsed this behavior and in fact encouraged the players to do so, and simply have all the hi-jinks fun they wanted.

Now to give a bit of a break down on the over all structure of the city life. First off, the city was all about the Role-play. It was also for most of the city build team, there secondary project. Including the project leader Broga_. Ultimately this led to an exceptionally long development period, had it not been for the closure of sur3, it would have been ready to open to the general public by May 2020. But that sadly never happened, all and all everyone was rather happy with what we did accomplish. Overall, you could just build a home of your own or be part of cult. Cults (clan/cultures or group) were the main way the city was dived into its different sections of the city. There were 6 cults and 2 organizations in dragon Valley. They were, Dragon Riders, Dolphin Swimmers, Tree walkers, Ram-storm, Hog-lords and the Nitwit Brotherhood, the organizations were, SUP and Ironati….

The Cults.

Dragon Rider is, commonly known as Drags. This cult believes that STORM is the god of all things. They are on a constant search to find him. Players of this belief often have fun traveling and playing in PVP arenas. Their pets of choice are dragons, not that the dragons can be tamed, but they do from time to time choose their own riders. Often from within Dragon-Raider’s players. These players do very rarely interact with other cults and find themselves to be the chosen ones. Most underdeveloped group… no cult leader, Temporary had (18.png Trybrockas leader) HQ would have been inside of dragons peak.

Dolphin-swimmers, commonly known as “swims' '. This cult believes that AKKIRA is hiding in shame and they aim to bring her out of hiding. Looking for the lost Temple of Power is the cult's main objective in order to bring even more wonders to the lands. Players of this belief often enjoy the rivers and seas; they tend to have fish as pets. They are friendly to all cults and love being on the sea and traveling to new places. Cult leader 18.png Ragecage295. HQ hidden in rivers of DV

Tree walkers, commonly known as Walkers. This cult believes trees were the chosen light of the land. Walkers want the world to see trees as the one true god of Life. Little is known about their powers. Ender trees are holy places and are often used as a place of ritual by all cults. Walkers have charged themselves as the keepers of the Ender trees. It is said to bring good luck when they see the tree’s eyes open. Only walkers seem to know when this event happens and are the type of player who relish in landscaping and are very peaceful. Cult leaders changed over time, first there was tiniest tea, then came That Roger.  HQ was inside the mother ender tree

Ram-storm, commonly known as the Sheep’s. This is a playful Cult whose aim is to enrich the land's pranks, festivals and over fun adventures. Their altar of worship can be found in the basement of Broga_/wiki’s house. Little is known about these player’s habits or why they worship sheep.  Overall, they are just the friendly sort that greatly helps Dragon Valley in the best of ways. Maybe one day, the story of Ram-storm will come to light, as for now the cult keeps their secrets. Cult leaders, were 18.png Mollusslime and 18.png huilgrin, HQ was in Hidden Meadows  

Hoglords, or hogz as most call them, are not what you would consider typically classy. Looked down upon by others as inferior beings, they are however a pillar of the Valley's economy due to their hard-working philosophy. Some of them have even become reputable by avoiding slavery thanks to under-the-table dealings. #JoinTheGrind #HogzNeedYou Cult leader 18.png silverLurker HQ was inside mount Hogz

The Nitwit Brotherhood was led by Wiki_100, there many Questions about who were they, and why were always so secertive.


Dragon Bay home to the Dolphin-swimmers, featured a massive dragon skull built by 18.png Etathetazeta. This bay also had a massive dock, Ragecage295 was led on the development of the docks and general area. Rage and skyhook oversaw the development of the Dolphin swimmers hidden temple. Many homes of the Dolphin swimmers also lay at the bottom of the bay.

South of the bay Lay the hilltops of the Nitwit brotherhood, a small but dense village, with more secrets than you can imagine, hidden shrines, mazes and many more oddities.

If you head west from here, you find rivers, large valley floor, what would have the main areas of the city had it opened. In the middle of dragon valley stand the Mother Ender tree. Ender trees are custom tree unique to DV, they have faces and depending on the time of day you could see some magic happen, like eyes opening them shoot things out of their mouths, to fireworks just because. Some of these trees kept dark secrets.

The southwest area of the valley stood Dragon’s Peak, one of the largest man mad mountain ranges, and largest one in the history of Dogcraft. Within this mountain housed the cities Farms, and the Sup headquarters. The mountain was never finished. But truly a grand site to see.

If you head to north western region of the valley is surrounded by mighty wall. Mostly built by the RAM storm, there area housed the horse breeding center, hidden Meadows below ground, ravines, and there vary lovely HQ.

Mount hogz, was in northern mountain range. It was best known for its lovely paths, and in epic take on the dragon valley build style. A rather grand hidden cove.

Build team

{Player|mullusslime}}</nowiki>18.png hiulgrin18.png Riot_of_Penguins18.png silverLurker18.png Ragecage29518.png Princess223