City of Seven (Survival 2)

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City of Seven
City of seven-0.png

An image of the City of Seven

World Survival 2
Mayor(s) 0e069609-19d1-46d6-8ec9-706dde8f2681?size=20.png Alwaysin7
Contributors 20.png Seaburial
Location X=-5300
Dimension Overworld
Status Defunct
Railway Secondary Line from SRN Northwest
Nether NTN City of Seven Line

"A well-equipped city near north-west station, it has plots around a central city section. The town is built in a rustic style. It also includes a TARDIS, the trademark build of its mayor." domi_adam

The City of Seven was a town built and managed by Alwaysin7 on the Survival 2. Located near Northwest Station, the city is a medieval style build surrounded by castle walls with two outer areas with a more eclectic style. The city also is home to one of the first TARDIS built on the server, a signature build of its mayor. The first being in the town of Wanigoora, where Alwaysin7 set up their first home.


Beginning inside the stone walls, City of Seven was build solely by its mayor, Alwaysin7, with the one exception being the glass terrarium built by Seaburial. However, due to the popularity of the city, two secondary areas were set out with plots for other Cyberdogs to build homes in the city.

Near the end of the Survival 2 world, a Spleef arena was built in the harbor of the city, adding to the great views from the beach resort area.

An overhead view of the City at night.

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