Spawn Banner Gallery (Survival 3)

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Spawn Banner Gallery
Survival 3
Spawn Banner Gallery Exterior.png
The exterior of the gallery from the southeast
WorldSurvival 3
Builder(s)20.png expedtadam
Contributors20.png _edo,20.png Skelleton123
LocationX= 8
Y= 63
Z= -84

The Spawn Banner Gallery was a building in Spawn City which showcased banners for the general community. It was to the north of spawn opposite the SRN HQ and adjacent to 20.png Galeanami’s diner.


The banner gallery was first conceived by 20.png _edo as a place for players to place their personal banners. 20.png Skelleton123 kindly donated his spawn plot to the cause. The building and management of the building was delegated to 20.png expedtadam during late 2019. expedtadam built the building initially in creative, to mimic the buildings in inner-city Melbourne which consist of multiple different buildings merged together. Additional advice came from _edo. In November, the building was constructed by expedtadam and was opened later that month.

Floors of the Gallery

  • The first floor (or ground floor) showcased “art banners”, banners which hold no discernible purpose except to represent an object, an idea, or a feeling. They usually were visually appealing. It is important to clarify that they are not banners that could be considered furniture banners such as the sides of a chair or a computer monitor. The ground floor notably housed a large collection of banners that 20.png Andalarew kindly donated to the gallery.
  • The second floor (or surface floor) primarily displayed banners used to represent individual players, but also displayed banners representing towns such as Chronia and player groups such as Ragecorp.
  • The third floor housed banners used in past events. These could originate from server-run events as well as player-run events.
2nd floor of the gallery