MicroMesa (Survival 3)

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MicroMesa (Sur3)
Survival 3
MicroMesa Centre
WorldSurvival 3
Mayor(s)20.png Gamerluuk
LocationX= -11311
Y= 64
Z= 12517

The MicroMesa was a town created by Gamerluuk in an attempt to bring the original MicroMesa, which was built on the Survival 2 world by Mrs_Diss to the new Survival 3 world. While not on an island like the original, the town also contained an extremely small ocean biome separated from the main ocean by a small piece of desert.

The town was split into three areas, each with their own building restrictions. The surrounding islands allowed for bigger builds than on the main land, and the micro ocean had a smaller maximum size but encouraged building above and below other builds.


While there were no style restrictions, there were restrictions to the size of builds. However, all official builds had a very mesa and savanna based build style.


While no proper transport system was finished, a nether tunnel with a partially finished ice boat track went up to the area the portal was in. Also, a Survival Railway Network branch line, the MCL (MicroMesa Connection Line), connecting it to either Barrier Station, Neon Station or a yet unnamed South Line station was in the works.


  • Unlike the original MicroMesa, the town area contained small chunks of desert and savanna for diversity, and a portion of the badlands biome was used for terracotta mining purposes.