Ratanga Junction

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What is Ratanga Junction?

Ratanga Junction
Survival 3
TypeMinigame Project
World(s)Survival 3
Leader(s)20.png MundareSausage,
20.png Pigeon_Confirmed
Contributors20.png FangsOfAmber

Ratanga Junction was a mini-game area under construction on the Survival 3 world started by MundareSausage (formerly mr_e12345) and Pigeon_Confirmed.

The gamekeepers goal was to have Ratanga Junction available and accessible to everyone. They were successful in linking themselves to the SRN and NTN before Survival 3 came to a close.

Ratanga nether tunnel


A wide range of minigames including Whack-A-Mole, Dig Straight Down, Spleef, and 1v1 Parkour were offered. There was also a Bouncy Castle and there was work on a much larger ice boat track (replacing a short-lived smaller course) which, sadly, was unable to be finished before Survival 3's end.


Ratanga Junction was named for the also-defunct theme park of the same name that was located in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Ratanga had planned to also relaunch Sur4, and a public warp was created for it to a faraway Mushroom Island on the Beagle server, but the project languished when MundareSausage left for personal reasons in the spring of 2020, and never succeeded in producing any playable games.

Map of Ratanga Junction as of 09-11-2019

Ratanga Staff

The Ratanga team included:

20.png MundareSausage - Gamekeeper

20.png Pigeon_Confirmed - Builder (Former Gamekeeper)

20.png FangsOfAmber - Builder