Christmas 2019

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Christmas 2019
Survival 3
Charlie Brown Tree.png
2019's Christmas Tree, inspired by Charlie Brown
ActivitiesParkour, Head Hunt, IceBoat Race, PRESENTS
Organizers20.png OldManLP85 20.png RY44
WorldSurvival 3

Christmas 2019 was an event on the Dogcraft Server that took place on throughout the month of December 2019. The event was accessible via the /warp xmas2019 warp.

The Event

In June 2019 the Events Committee embarked on one of the biggest server "event" builds ever. The transformation of an end island into a bustling metropolitan city.


The event then took off at great speeds, and the final product included:

  • The highly anticipated Head Hunt
  • Can you escape, the Escape Tower?
  • How hardcore is your Parkour?
  • Test your PvP skills against your friends in the Warehouse
  • Take your time to peruse the Christmas Candy Build Battle
  • Stop by and admire Santa’s Reindeer (but please don’t feed them, they’re on a diet)
  • Test your wits on the brand new Ice-boat Track
  • Have some fun at the Pig Roink
  • Practice your aim, at the Christmas Shoot Out
  • Lose yourself, or other players in Mips Plaza perfect for IRL hide and seek
  • Find all the “letters” in the Magical Forest Anagram Hunt
  • Pose for a screenshot at the Photobooth (tag @dogcraftnet on twitter with #DCdoesChristmas2019, and the best skin will win a prize)

Presents under the tree

Many players also chose to leave presents under the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree.

New Years Eve 2019

New Years 2019 was also hosted at the Christmas Event.

NYE 2019.png

At server midnight on the 31st December 2019, 27 players gathered in front of the stage, and watched the show, put together by 20.png OldManLP85.


Some interesting facts and "Easter Eggs"

  • There was a patented scooby hole, somewhere in the event...
  • In the interest of Fun, 20.png Mrs_Diss decided to try and deliver some Reindeer to the event. Now since there are no reindeer in the game of Minecraft yet, she decided to deliver Ravagers instead. The journey was going well, for about 200,000blocks. However, it was deemed by the Headmods that the task was too ambitious to achieve in the limited time frame, and spawned some ravagers in, at the event site. In interest of preservation, a commorative Hot Air Balloon was created at the site of the flying machine. Then, two signs were hidden at the event... both had the secret warp written on them, to visit the commemorative site.
  • Mips Plaza was the highest build at the event and actually reached build height.
Christmas 2019 Before and after.jpg