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Erebus signed logo.png

Erebus Logo made by Mayor, 20.png Txp_

World Survival 3
Mayor(s) 58689092-9af1-4c2d-a83d-2fd8f72fbbf3?size=20.png dmgdog
20.png TrainerMoon
20.png Txp_
Contributors d6ba0b204ab74ddaa103af9203f5c2c3?size=20.png Kingcreeper1
20.png expedtadam
dbc2f36e-279a-4f2f-b264-81e8be7dbed5?size=20.png TheWhiteTigerNL
Founded 10th December 2019
Dimension End
Status Defunct

Erebus (prounounced air-eh-vaws) was a vibrant city located in the End Dimension on the Dogcraft Server, Survival 3. The city was founded by 58689092-9af1-4c2d-a83d-2fd8f72fbbf3?size=20.png dmgdog who was quick to ask friend, 20.png TrainerMoon to assist in the planning and running of the city. Erebus opened its doors to the public during Erebus Opening Day on the 23rd February 2020. The event lasted 8 hours. including many minigames such as spleef, minigolf, elytra races and Who wants to be a Millionare?!, hosted by Events Team Leader, 20.png William278.


The idea of building a base in the end dimension was something founder, 58689092-9af1-4c2d-a83d-2fd8f72fbbf3?size=20.png dmgdog had been thinking about for a while. However initially, dmgdog planned the city to be a solo project. On the 10th December 2019 dmgdog found an island on which he thought would be perfect to situate Erebus in. After posting a screenshot of the map on the Cyberdog Nation Discord Server, other players were intrigued about the idea of having a city in the end dimension, since it hadn’t been done before on Dogcraft.

The Team

A few days after dmgdog started work on the island, he realised that the project would be too large to complete alone, so he set up a Discord Server to be able to communicate with other players about the project. 20.png TrainerMoon was appointed as a second mayor, to help organise and watch-over the project, to assure the city ran as smoothly as possible. After an announcement was made, looking for people to join the build team, three eager players, 20.png Txp_ , d6ba0b204ab74ddaa103af9203f5c2c3?size=20.png Kingcreeper1, and 20.png expedtadam all said that they were interested in helping prepare the city for the opening. On the 24th December 2019, dbc2f36e-279a-4f2f-b264-81e8be7dbed5?size=20.png TheWhiteTigerNL was appointed as the fourth builder of Erebus. On Saturday, 22nd February 2020, one day before opening day,20.png Txp_ was promoted to Mayor after their commitment to the development of the city.

Initial Planning

The initial city plan for Erebus

After the build team was assembled, everyone was excited to get started, however dmgdog struggled to clearly present his initial plans and ideas about the city to the other builders which led to a small amount of confusion and curiosity. It was decided that the city would be split up into 3 main sections; The Main City, the Rural Area, and the Mountainous region.

Initial map of Erebus

A mini-game area was also added to a connecting island, where games will be built for the opening day in 2020.

Work began on the server as dmgdog, Kingcreeper1, Txp and helper, c195d3de-d3d6-4a1d-a7e1-b4c68a478ffe?size=20.png nossi345 flattened the terrain in preparation for building the city.

This was followed by creative building, where the team built a mock landscape and started to design the town hall.

A mock landscape made for Erebus

Final Plan

After two months of development in Erebus, dmgdog finally decided on a conclusive plan for the layout of the city. Erebus would be divided over three end islands.

The Main Island

The main island, called The City Of Erebus. This was where all the player plots were, as well as home to the Town Hall and other important buildings. To the South lay Mushroom Meadows; a more rural landscape covered my magical mushrooms. The swampy marshlands filled with purple gunk fills the centre of this space using glass layers to produce this effect.

Main island.png

The North District

The North part of the main island was reserved for additional plots in anticipation they were to all be claimed on opening day, and this was the case. The Erebus Build Team worked hard after opening day to roll out these plots as soon as possible. This area was a more residential side of town, including the unfinished Council building and Plot contest winner, 0cde779c-084c-459d-8b04-ca263827d60f?size=20.png Princess223's plot.


The Minigames Island

To the South-West of the main island was the minigame area. This area was designed specifically for opening day. It hosted games such as mini-golf, parkour, and elytra course, and an iceboat track.

Erebus Minigames.png

278 Studios

278 Studios was the island to the West of the main island, an idea from 20.png William278. Here was the location of one of the many exciting events that were played on Opening Day, hosting Who Wants to be a Millionaire


The Town Hall

The town hall was the center-piece of the island, where information about the city, offices for the builders and founders, and storage/utilities for the builders to use whilst building the city.

After many unsuccessful attempts at designing the town hall himself, 58689092-9af1-4c2d-a83d-2fd8f72fbbf3?size=20.png dmgdog asked the build team to help him. 20.png Txp_ and 20.png expedtadam combined elements of both their designs to create a stately, but practical building. The hall's palette consisted of endstone bricks, smooth quartz variants for the walls, and purpur for the roofs. The interior was a cozy and modern design, with the use of vegetation to add colour to the build.

On the ground floor, there were two signs located at the rear of the building, displaying important information about the city. In addition, there was also a gift shop, a set of toilets, and the map of the city.

The first floor consisted of 5 office spaces, free for Erebus Builders to design with a cafe and common room area.

dmgdog and 20.png TrainerMoon's offices were located in the central tower on the second and third floor respectively.

The basement was for access of the build team only, however there was viewing access from the ground floor in the form of a glass window. The basement had a storage area for city projects and a super smelter.


Youtube Icon.png Erebus YouTube Channel

On the 2nd January 2020, Erebus created their own YouTube channel.

Under the command of 20.png Txp_, this channel would be used by the city to give the players an idea of what Erebus was all about. After the premiere of the city trailer, and the announcement of the opening day, videos where rapidly produced such as the ‘’Erebus quick start guide’’ or ‘’the grand opening recap’’ At the time of writing, the channel has been transformed into Alina’s official YouTube channel.

  • A tutorial video, where all the important things you need to know will be told.
  • Update videos about the city.
  • And even it’s very own news program.

Past Videos

Erebus radio station

On January the 6th, Erebus started their own radio station called (E.R.S). It was founded by: 58689092-9af1-4c2d-a83d-2fd8f72fbbf3?size=20.png dmgdog , dbc2f36e-279a-4f2f-b264-81e8be7dbed5?size=20.png TheWhiteTigerNL , d6ba0b204ab74ddaa103af9203f5c2c3?size=20.png Kingcreeper1 and 20.png expedtadam. On this 6th of January is when they had their first music call which lasted a shocking 9 hours. A radio station was built in the city by Txp.

Erebus radio.png

List of Helpers

  • 20.png RY44
  • 20.png Cookies58_
  • c195d3ded3d64a1da7e1b4c68a478ffe?size=20.png nossi345
  • 20.png SuperCake2017
  • 20.png Broga_
  • 20.png blueartistic813_
  • 20.png EtaThetaZeta
  • 20.png DragonFire441
  • 20.png Fazat_
  • 20.png Mrs_Diss
  • 20.png Pigeon_Confirmed
  • 20.png William278
  • 20.png misterblue28
  • 20.png ivorysnape
  • 20.png MaseratiMan
  • 963a748ffd3649bbaf497d6cf7b48f24?size=20.png skyhook2415
  • 20.png Lakosius
  • 20.png Zillaz
  • 20.png Ragecage295
  • c369c1dd-f285-43bb-b268-08a8c7876aa5?size=20.png marbou9
  • 20.png OldManLP85
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