Snowy Settlement

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Snowy Settlement
Survival 3
2019-08-02 14.45.38.png
HeadQuarters and Wolf Bane View
WorldSurvival 3
Builder(s)20.png HeavyDork
FoundedDecember 2018
LocationX= 1917
Y= 78
Z= 15064


The Snowy Settlement was the name of HeavyDork's Base, located in a snowy biome by the sea and over a mineshaft. The settlement was constructed using cobble and spruce to emphasize the rudeness of winter climate, with a somewhat viking style. It consisted of a walled city with shipyard, a complete set of farms, monuments (Wolf Bane, Chessboard, ...) and different esthetic buildings (Theater, Cathedral,...). In addition, there was a game area, tribute to the famous "Takeshi's Castle", with six different areas to be played. The exteriors were gardens, crops, and included two different mazes with "Search for the Mob's Heads" game.


There were a lot of different farms used to get every needed item. They were all fairly decorated and integrated in different areas of the base. In addition, there were several Mob Spawners into the area (Spider x1, Zombie x2) with the usual killing chambers prepared. The list of the most important farms was:

  • Automatic Potion Brewing (ImpuseSV's design)
  • Automatic Wool Farm (Cubfan135's design)
  • Bamboo Farm (Flying machine powered)
  • Berry Farm using foxes
  • Cactus Mega Farm feeding XP Farm
  • Chorus Flower (manual)
  • Cocoa Farm (manual)
  • Creeper Farm (tripwire and piston design)
  • Creeper Farm (wither flower design)
  • Crops Tower Farm (Potato, Carrot, and Wheat) (Frilioth's design)
  • Drowned Farm (Ilmango's design)
  • Flower Farm (Using moving pistons and bonemeal)
  • Ice Cube Farm
  • Ice Pools
  • Iron Farm (Docm77's design)
  • Kelp Farm with smelter (Cubfan135 design)
  • Mob Farm (Ilmango's design)
  • Mushroom Farm
  • Nether Wart Farm
  • Sea Picke Farm
  • Simplified 1.14 Pumpkin & Melon Farm
  • Slime Mega Farm
  • Smasher Pumpkin & Melon Farm (Maizuma's Design)
  • Sugarcane Mega Farm
  • Villager Breeder (Frilioth's design)
  • Villager Breeder with Crops (Potato, Carrot) (ImpulseSV's design)
  • Villager Trading Hall
  • Vines Farm (manual)

Relevant Constructions

  • Cathedral: One of the esthetic buildings constructed with nether bricks.
  • Ice Highway connecting Snowy Settlement and the Witch Farm. Two way boat highway designed using Prismarine, Dark Prismarine, Sea Lanterns, Polished Diorite and Lanterns.
  • Takeshi's Castle Tribute: This was a major project, inspired by "Takeshi's Castle TV Show". A big and massive run through six different areas till arriving at the end line. The different areas simulated real challenges from the show: Door Race, Parkour, Labyrinth, Scary Bridge, and Moving Wall.
  • Wizards Tower: Constructed with end materials and pretending to be a commercial site with ends citizens. There was also a flying ship (no dragon head nor elytra there, though).
  • Wolf Bane: It was a hound statue appearing from the nether portal with a flaming orb into its claws over a field with nether motives. There was a system to access its interior from the top, and in its belly there was a secret treasure room.



Snowy Settlement Map