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Dragon Valley on the Survival 3 world.

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The Lore of Dragon Valley details the origins of the town and its surrounding area. At almost 8000 words, it is extensive and some of the longest text produced on the Dogcraft Server. It was written by a number of different authors who were also members of the project and finally compiled by 20.png Broga_. On Survival 3, much of the lore could be found through in-game books stored within the town. This page contains the lore, archived from the document where it was originally written.



Welcome to Dragon Valley, a city on Dogcraft, with a medieval Nordic build style. We aim to develop a fun filled adventure where you, the player, explore and help build the city. Every citizen will be able to find and follow their own path of character growth. This will be achieved through the tokens earned during events and worship levels.

Yes, you will after the first month of basic city living, you will take the trials of worship… This ritual event will define what your plot-house build style will be made in, you also have the option of not being in cult at first but merely building in the Dragon Valley style. As it stands, the first 5 cults are that of the Dragon-Rider’s, Dolphin-swimmers, Tree walkers, Ram-storm and Almighty HOGS. As the City develops over time, we expect there to be new worships to come forth and impact Dragon valley.

Brief History of Dragon Valley

Long ago… the seas swept over the world. Down in the depths, the Dolphin’s found a hidden water temple overruled by evil fish. War broke out between the races. The temple was taken on by the Dolphins. They fought day and night until they defeated the Elder Guardians, but something was wrong… On the trip to the surface, the Dolphins realized their leader AKIRA was missing. So, they headed back to the dreaded temple. After several hours of searching for AKIRA they found her. She was shining in a blue Aura like no other. At that moment, the Dolphins learned their true power of speed, sight and wisdom. AKIRA woke from her trance and dove further down and went as fast as lighting into a hidden tunnel.

There she found the Temples most hidden treasure, the “trident of power”. AKIRA took it to the surface and tail whipped into the air. In that same moment, a dragon flying bye was hit… the Dragon started to Emit grey lightning from every part of its body. It then dove head first into the waters. It went far down the bottom depths like no creature ever had before. The dragon was now holding the trident, shaking it wildly and struck the sea floor. Soon the floor began to rise from the depths. After what seemed like a lifetime the dragon rose to where the dolphins had been gathered. It spoke to AKIRA.

“I am ‘Storm’, the beast with wings. I come from lands far beyond this world, where there are creatures with long black arms, chests that shot you, and where the old gods died. Never have I had anything attack me in the way you did. You're either careless or somehow knew I could have used this trident. For this, I have brought you a new land where many new friendly Creatures will rise forth in the coming days.”

AKIRA responded, “I am wise enough to know that nothing bad will come of this, but is there something you’re not telling me?”

Storm said, “For me to reveal my master plan… you will have to wait a very long time.” As the waters started to bubble up and waves form higher and higher rolling in tangents of parting waters. You could see the bottom of the sea emerging into daylight for the first time. Stormed whirled through the air. With one fast arm thrust the Trident of power, struck the land. Mountains peaked on both sides of the new lands. The land began to tremble and from the peaks wild blue and green fog swelled up and flowed down into the valley. Grass had formed for the first time. Soon after, mighty roots began to arise from which came the first Trees of Ender. The smokey new lands began to clear. Life was new here. The Ender-trees started to drop egg-like pods. Within the pods, sheep, rams, horses, pigs and cows started to appear. Furthermore, many different breeds of wildlife would come in the following days.

The dolphins were amazed and frightened by the events that came from this day. AKIRA took their clan into hiding. There are rumors that they hide within the rivers of Dragon Valley, but no one knows for sure. Storm has been said to be seen from time to time when the new moon rises to light the seas. Some believe that he is hiding at Dragon’s Peak waiting for the day the Dolphins try to go to the lost temple again and disrupt the flow of magic again, but no one really knows for sure.


Dragon Riders

Dragon Rider’s, commonly known as Drags. This cult believes that STORM is the god of all things. They are on a constant search to find him. Players of this belief often have fun traveling, and playing in PVP arenas. Their pets of choice are dragons, not that the dragons can be tamed, but they do from time to time choose their own riders. Often from within Dragon-Raider’s players. These players do very rarely interact with other cults and find themselves to be the chosen ones.


Our story began, with the day STORM left us.

Long ago in the first era of the nitwit, just after the great drought. We Drag’s would watch the land grow and foster; new creatures came into being. Do to us dragons being the first offspring of ”Storms the beast with wings”, the creatures of the land feared us and did not know that we only seek to adventure across the lands and sea. This brought much quarrel between the Tribes, Hogz, Rams, and Tree walkers. They still fight today with crazy pranks and nonsense; we dragons just watch and laugh from our home Dragons peek…

So, our true story begins when Marth the “first born of Storm”, first took flight. Marth headed to the sea spreading his deep blue wings over the ender trees. In this moment the tree sprang its limbs out word and up, hitting him. Marth new to flight lost control and fell into the rivers, fast sinking down towards the bottom. His thoughts being I'm going to die I can't swim, fading into the black…

Marth awoke in a deep cavern, the glossy walls and dim lighting where harsh on his eyes. The sounds of dripping water and fish swimming about in the water next to him. He looked at his wing and could tell it was infected. A few hours had passed and Marth had now started to heal and feel safe where he was. He could not find a way out of the cavern but did figure out that if there was one it would be one, he would dive down into the water. But not being able to swim he feared this greatly. All of a sudden, the water began to break, out came the head of the dolphin.

Hi. I am Samrak daughter of AKIRA. I need you to come with me, Marth. Just call me Sam =)

Marth looked at Samrak with confusion, and asked What are you?

Sam gave it to him straight, I am a dolphin and you're a dragon, and more importantly, son of Storm. Now I need you to come and see my mother. She needs to talk with you. Marth, not knowing what was going on, but wanting to leave this cave. Said I would love too but I don’t know how to swim. Sam laughed it's ok Marth, anyone can swim in these waters down here just trust me, will you? And with that Sam took off under water, looking at the water's Marth jumped in worrying with less ease then he headed down with Sam, who could still speak underwater, “use your wings to guide you, and kick your legs sky rider. This is how your kind travels under water”. They were off to see Akira and as they went on the better the faster they became at swimming, Marth and Sam were laughing and playing like they were befriended by the time they reached Akkira's throne room.

As Sam and Marth entered the Akkira's, the dolphins in the room shook their heads at the site of Marth and Sam giggling, and laughing. You two, need to calm down please, said one of the dolphins. And with one loud whistle blow, the power of Akira came into the room. She simply stared at her daughter and laughed. Thank you Samrak for getting Marth here in one piece.

Welcome to my kingdom below the lands of Dragon Valley Marth, I was not expecting your kind to ever make down here. But it seems the ender trees bestowed the power of swimming on you, have learned Flight yet like your father? With shutter in voice Marth replied with I was in the middle of my first flight before, the tree struck me, my wing is still healing as you can see. Marth brought his wing to display the torn-up bits with its glossy purple glow, at that moment Akira waved her fin over it. At this moment the wing was fully healed with imprint of the Royal dolphin seal. This is my gift to you, Marth the ender tree infection will not spread so long as you keep a kind heart. You will have the power of the dolphins with you always, I want you to be the bridge between our cultures. I ask this of you, because you have for some reason unlocked the dolphins' grace with my daughter here. There will be something great to come of your friendship you two, this I’m sure of, but what is, I do not know.

Now this all being said, Marth we are in hiding from your father. It's been a few hundred years since we went into hiding, and I would like us to stay hidden. May I have your word sir, that we are safe? With strife but no real hesitation Marth said, I will keep your hidden world secret to my grave, I do ask if my younger sibling ever is in need of help, that you will do your best to help. Akira responded with a yes, and sly smile. It seems we are moving on from the past...

I do not know what happened between you and my father, but after a short time I have spent with Samrak I feel like I can call this place home. Akira and Sam smiled and looked at one another, and with that, Sam perked up and said, Marth let us get you home in one piece...

Some time has passed and Marth and Sam found their way into Dragon Bay, I hate to say goodbye to Marth, but I am unable to walk the lands. With a nod she was off into the sea, and large jump out of water. At this moment Marth knew this would not be the last he would see of Sam.

As Marth made his way home back to Dragon Peek… the Ender trees began to open their eyes, and look upon their new chosen one. The nitwit mayor whispered too Marth Fate has a grand plan for you and your kind, on these lands.

Upon arriving home, Storm Looked at his Son and asked how he received a mark of the dolphin’s… and without notice Storm struck his son with the trident of power… but nothing happened. Marth knew this meant something any time before his father would wield the trident, bad and good things would happen. But nothing was strange and shocking to both of them. Marth started to glow bright purple and the trident flew to him. Marth’s shape began to change, he started to shrink and take a similar form of that of a nitwit, Marth was becoming something new to the lands. At this moment Storm took off in flight in fear of what was happening, it is believed he left to the Skylands where he came from, but no one knows for sure.

The transformation of Marth is one sacred story to our people of dragons, Marth was first of us and he took care of his dragon siblings as best as he could, we have grown up side by side as family ever sense. It's said Marth would visit dragon bay and teach his brothers and sisters to swim and every so often there would be laughing from the sea. We the descendants of Marth are known as Dragon Riders, for when we travel, we go in packs to take what we need and to stay safe. We would love to find us our for-father Storm and so we every year raid the Skylands in search of any sign of him, for we would like to know why we were brought to this world and what it means to be in sync with all of the worlds...

Dolphin Swimmers

Dolphin-swimmers, commonly known as “swims' '. This cult believes that AKKIRA is hiding in shame and they aim to bring her out of hiding. Looking for the lost Temple of Power is the cult's main objective in order to bring even more wonders to the lands. Players of this belief often enjoy the rivers and seas, they tend to have fish as pets. They are friendly to all cults and love being on the sea and traveling to new places.


Long ago, before the Valley, was the clan Of Dolphins. AKKIRA the mother and clan leader, is believed to be an elder god of the world of seas. she was timeless in prospects that she never seems to age. She is said to be older than the world itself. But this is all rumor passed down to us from our elders. I, Samrak, daughter of AKKIRA am here to tell you my tell of how we became the Dolphin-Swimmers. I will one day tell you the story of my mother and origins of the world we live in, but not this day. Much too long and boring of a story if you ask me.

So upon the days of old and we the Swims were in hiding from “Storm”. Our mother AKIRA, led us back to the Water Temple. Were our in enlighten and troubles began. She did not fear Storm in the slightest, she was always in the search of knowledge. This was the place storm said for us not to go, but here we were. Within days of swimming, AKIRA seemed to have figured out many of the images on the walls had found many hidden rooms, and stories of the world before the water world, before anything. She did not dwell long on these stories, but one thing she did understand was how to tame water and keep the creatures of the deep far away from here.

Hi again, I did tell you this wasn’t a story about the world before the dragon Valley, but I do need you to understand that without this info we would not have lived long hiding in the Valley. The big thing our mother learned was how to mark creatures with our blessings, and how to bring forth our inner powers to others. Like I am able to pass on my grace to others without hesitation, I also know how to find ruins of old world before the world of water. And this is the big thing when we started to take shape as the Dolphin Swimmers. =)

Now back to the real story, Days after we met Marth… mother became sick with fever and we could not find a way to help her. We all searched up and down the temple meet with the tree walkers. Asked all of the tribes, if they knew of ways to help our mother. Everybody seemed to come up with no answers.

Finally, I had to brave the rivers of Dragon Valley I ended up heading further inland up the river. It seemed to go on for miles and miles until I saw a massive mountain in the distance, this must be what they call dragon peak. I knew they say it is big beyond belief, and stretched for miles, they were not kidding. So I swam up to the waterfalls…

That’s when I was greeted by non-other than Temba Marth’s younger brother, and second born son of Storm. Temba stared at me and I at him. This lasted for about 7mins… until finally splashed his face with some water =P At this moment He rose up with his Green and Black wings few high and noises dived into the water. Temba Said, that was not very nice, who are you? I am Samrak, daughter of AKIRA, I am looking to talk with Storm. Can you help me out sir,

Creeping closer, Temba winked and said sorry can't help you with that, see my older brother chased off daddy and i'm hungry so i'm going to eat you now… crunch smack on the Temba heads, landed a young rider, with his stick in hand.

“Sorry about that, Temba gets a bit out of hand at most times, really takes after his father more than any of the other dragons, Now Run off Temba and get Marth. And if you fail to do so ill smack you again. He really does not know how to treat guests =)" "Hi AM Fukra, first brave soul to go out riding with the dragons… now tell me what brings you all the way here to see Storm?"

Within moments Sam tells the story of meeting Marth and what was happening to her mother. At which point Marth fly’s down, with the trident and Temba just behind, she then again retells the story. Marth Is only just understanding his own powers and that of his brothers and sisters. He ponders a bit, and they said, “Ha I got it, I wonder if the dragon blessing will work on your mother like your dolphin’s mark on me. There are many tricks and magic powers our father tried to hide from us, but seems us dragons all have their own strong magic suits, depending on our berth scales”

At this point Samrak perks up hoping there is chance dragon magic can save her mothers, in this moment Furkkra gives a sneaky sly tap on Temba head with his stick, “now now Temba I told you not try eating our guests” little did Sam know temba slipped behind her and was getting to close. “thank you Fukra for keeping him in cheek, I still don’t know how you can see Temba when he goes invisible. When you don’t have dragon eyes or eyes at all” Marth said in confusion and in utmost respect. Furkkra mimic another wink. “one day ill tell you”

Alright Sam I will come help straight away, but I need you to travel this river home. I can’t risk hurting you by wing travel… so get yourself ready for Fukra and Temba we are going for the flight. Meet you at the shore line Samrak =) with quick smile and fast flick of his wrist, Marth threw the trident into the water and rivers began to light the way for Sam to see clearly new green things lit up the river, and trident took lead bye point Samrak to the hidden waterways be for you knew she was keeping up with Marth and friends, gain much fastest speeds ever than before. There at the shoreline they meet, with seconds of each other. The trident was safely back in Marth’s Hands. “Awe you seemed to have gotten fast Sam” Samrak did not know she had just been enchanted with dragon speed thought so herself.

“I really want to help mother, can we go down Marth?” “Yes we shall, Fukra will you take Temba home, he still can't swim well.” Off flew Temba with Fukra on his back again. Groaning that he could not stay at the seashore any longer.

They dove in fast and stronger than ever before, within seconds, they reached the throne room, their trident beamed its light out of Marth’s hands, and the temple reacted with its wall pillars opening up, to travel that there were still hidden EYES watching. In this moment somehow Marth knew what to-do, He threw it at the eyes fast and strong back his magic in every throw, his blue wings spread again, and shimmered green. The Eyes began to turn blue and shrink and sounds started to feel like a heartbeat.

In this same moment Akkira swam in and was taken aback to see Marth so soon, she began to feel herself again. It appears the temple was ailing you Akkira, you’re not like your tribe who come from the time after the world of water, you need to stay clear of the world from before.

Akkira still not knowing the full story as to how Marth got the trident, was now feeling more at ease than ever. One thing did stand out to her that she would need to find her own true past to hopefully be able to help her kind. And here family. This was the day Akkira left the tribe and did not ever seem to return… Samrak has for the most part forgiven her mother for this.

"Marth may have been very right with my mother that day, and boy was it a day in our history, Marth deemed us the Dolphin-Swimmer from that day forth. He also nicks named us “swims”, for our kind hearts which we spread all over the bay of dragons and the rivers of the Valley."

I trust you knowing our history will help you understand what we're doing here still in the Valley, and if you haven’t understood it yet, pick the clues people, I don’t have all day.” All of this taken from the diary of Samrak Daughter of Akkira our god.

Tree Walkers

Tree walkers, commonly known as Walkers. This cult believes trees were the chosen light of the land. Walkers want the world to see trees as the one true god of Life. Little is known about their powers. Ender trees are seen as holy places, and are often used as a place of ritual by all cults. Walkers have charged themselves as the keepers of the Ender trees. It is said to bring good luck when they see the tree’s eyes open up. Only walkers seem to know when this event happens and are the type of player who realish in landscaping and are very peaceful.


Tree walkers awakening… A long time ago after the fall of Akkira and Storm, the First Trees of Ender, started to give birth to the creatures of the land. Their favorite creatures came in the form of villagers. The green robes seem to take a liking to the Ender trees, pruning their limbs every so often, talk with the trees despite the Ender trees could only communicate by making facial gestures and winks. Their bond was so strong that Ender trees began to grow forests amongst stone piles and started to build the green robs homes to live in.

This was of course the beginning of Dragon Valley. In respect, the Green robs started to treat all living things with absolute respect. Plant life is held as holy to the Tree Walkers, they also see the need to harvest crops and butcher livestock when needed. There’s always prayer, when such acts are done. So as the city began to grow, the people one day under the guidance of the Ender trees, named a role of the Nitwit mayors. This was done when roots of one of trees popped up out of the ground and literally spelled it out for the green robs.

The role of the Nitwit mayors is to oversee the city’s upkeep and over the happiness of the people. They plan fun events and fulfill everybody’s desires and needs. They are the leaders of the tree walkers as they are the most in tune with nature. There have been many mayors over the years in Dragon Valley. As of this day, the newest mayor is Wiki_1000. Tree Walkers are a cult that is facing hardship under the current state of affairs. They believe that the people of Dragon Valley have forgotten where they came from. They are aiming to bring back respect of nature and take on any cult that stands in their way. The ender trees open their eyes for the faithful walkers. They talk with their roots and eyes, and are always watching the sky for hope of seeing a brighter future.


Ram-storm, commonly known as the Sheep’s. This is a playful Cult whose aim is to enrich the land's pranks, festivals and over fun adventures. Their altar of worship can be found in the basement of Brogaman/wiki’s house. Little is known about these player’s habits or why they worship sheep. Over all they are just the friendly sort that greatly helps Dragon Valley in the best of ways. Maybe one day, the story of Ram-storm will come to light, as for now the cult keeps their secrets.


(pages from the lost Book of “Ram-Storm”)

The Awakening of the Great Ram

It came to be that during the reign of the second pair of Nitwit Mayors, there was a great drought. Harvests failed, the animals thirsted and even the Ender trees lost the vigor to behold the world with their gaze. The Dolphins and their Swimmers sought Akkira, to plead with her for rain. Alas, the river dried up. The Treewalkers begged the Endertrees to seek out the springs of the deep with their roots, but no wells caused by their questing roots burst forth. The Hoglordz traded for water and food, in ways only Pignesh could approve of, knowing that all it did was buy time The Drags offered many sheep to the Great Dragon Storm asking him to herd the rainclouds their way, the sun kept shining in a clear sky.

During those days there was a shepherdess tending her flock in the northern meadows. Though she was as thirsty as her herd, she persevered in her vigil over their safety and well-being in making sure none strayed and all were given their share of the food and water. She however despaired at the small amount she had of either. As the sun reached its zenith she cried: “If there are any spirits out there that can help us then take me as your payment, but save my flock from this horror!”

The air before her shimmered as if the heat on the ground in front of her was growing more intense and there stood before her a Great Ram with black fleece. “Thou art serving thou flock well young ewe.” he spoke, “Thou shalt serve me equally well. Go and find the shepherd in the meadows near here.”

The Great Ram vanished. Believing her flock safe under the apparition's protection she sought out the shepherd. The shepherd told her about a dream he had of a flock of giant sheep and how they walked from a hidden meadow to the center of town. The shepherdess understood what was expected of her now and told the shepherd to show her were that flock of giant sheep grazed in his dream, so they might lead them to the house of the Nitwit Mayors. The shepherd feared reprisal and protested. The shepherdess countered by saying: “We are of the flock of the Great Ram, he will see to it that all know that!” Grudgingly the shepherd led her to the hidden meadow of his dreams and as soon as they entered there they felt a strange sensation as they were transformed into humanoid sheep.

That evening, as they set out for the residence of the Nitwit Mayors, the enormous sheep bleated and followed the shepherds to where they were meant to go. Even when they led the sheep straight through the town's center none who saw them recognized them. The Nitwit Mayors chuckled and the townsfolk laughed. At this laughter a buttermilk sky came over the town and as the old rhyme goes “Buttermilk Sky, not twenty-four hours dry” a great rainstorm came over the valley next noon.

Wisdom and Orders of the Ram

Life took its normal flow again, the Hogz made their deals, the Swimmers searched for Akira, the Drags tried to become dragon riders, the Treewalkers tended to the trees and shepherds herded their sheep.

The shepherdess felt something was off and she called out to the Great Ram who, from nowhere, casually ambled up to her, settled down and started chewing some cud. “Oh, Great Ram!” she said, “ever since the Grand Flock is Grazing in our town life is good, but it feels like there’s something missing.” And then the Great Ram spoke unto the shepherdess: I will give you eleven rules to live by, so your flocks will prosper and your hearts will rejoice.” And so, the shepherdess was given these commandments;

  1. Thou shalt not cause grief to come of thine actions (excluding bellyaches caused by laughter)
  2. Act kindly unto my smaller kindred and their friends, even come mutton time
  3. Thou shalt bring merriment and laughter to those in this Valley
  4. Unknown shalt thou be, whilst thou art doing my blessed work
  5. Keep thine fleece shiny and thin tail clean
  6. Appear benign in thine actions whatever shenanigans thou art planning
  7. Do not prank another out of spite for grudges have no place in a Ram’s heart
  8. Thou shalt lead my kindred back to these fair lands should they be sent away
  9. Graze not on the roots of plants so you *cud* eat those plants again next season
  10. BAAAH (bleated with such authority that it’s considered a commandment)
  11. Never Destroy out of the name of the Great Ram. Thine mischief should be funny and/or constructive

She went to the shepherd and said to him that they must recruit people for their flock and bring merriment to the folks in their fair valley. The shepherd went a bit wild eyed at the thought, for he knew her reputation for randomness. After careful consideration he agreed on the condition that there would be at least a semblance of order in their flock. Thus, the first Grand Ewe and the first Headstrong Ram set out to find like-minded people. And the tradition was born that the leader was a lady with a strong affinity for random actions and beside her ever stood a male that would need to make sure the chaos was kept in check, never allowed to fully give in to the randomness.

The Great Shearing

In the weeks leading up to the third winter solstice of the First Grand Ewe, The Headstrong Ram heard of a man who had let it be known he wanted nothing more than pink wool. He conferred with his leader and his fellows and the Spirit of Ram once more. They went to the meadow where the Grand Flock was grazing and amongst them scores of their smaller kin. They dyed the fleece of the sheep pink and started shearing, the tufts of wool flew as far as…[the text breaks off with a spattering streak and big splotch of ink]

(a bewildered clerk listens to the wild and merry bleating of a sheep-man fading in the distance, then he checks his lectern... the Book of Ram-Storm is gone!! that weird guy must’ve grabbed it, luckily for him the pages he copied are still there. Quickly he limits the damage that the sudden jerk of his quill and the toppled inkpot did to his work. Then he sighs, “guess I’ll have to tell the boss that what we have is it and that the Sheep will now be even more protective of their sacred books...")

Hog Lords

Hoglords, or hogz as most call them, are not what you would consider typically classy. Looked down upon by others as inferior beings, they are however a pillar of the Valley's economy due to their hard-working philosophy. Some of them have even become reputable by avoiding slavery thanks to under-the-table dealings. #JoinTheGrind #HogzNeedYou


The tale of the Almighty Hoglords is one that predates the rise of Dragon Valley by many years. In ancient times, these gentle pigs would simply roam the countryside, paying little attention to their own kin. While these peaceful times lasted longer than any recorded history, it was all upset on one fateful day. As a shadow lingered in the sky, the hogs paused in their daily routine. As it slowly descended, they assembled. Eventually it took shape, that of a humongous pig. Kept aloft by a pair of golden wings and whose burning red eyes betrayed knowledge extending beyond the limits of this mortal realm.

Suddenly, the pigs had a purpose, they seek the knowledge this vision promised them. As it soared back to the skies, they all followed it, becoming a community for the very first time. In the years that followed, the pigs learned to work together as they faced the hardships of their travels. Be it towering mountains or raging oceans. In doing so, they learned. And as their community grew in size and knowledge, they came to be known as the Hoglords, forever following the fleeting shadow in the sky whose wisdom has come to be known as Pignesh. However, one day, the shadow stopped. As the Hoglords gazed upon the valley they had set foot upon, they knew this was where they belonged. They found this valley to be inhabited by several different peoples.

Sensing an innate kinship, they naturally became one with their local brethren, sharing the tales & knowledge each had gathered in till then. Exploiting this knowledge acquired through their travels, the Hoglords set themselves hard at work making the valley a place worth living in by gathering resources, building altars to Pignesh & helping the other tribes as well. However, these other cults as they would soon be called, saw this kindness & willingness to work only as a way to further their own purposes. And so, they started exploiting the Hoglords, calling them inferior as they valued all equally whether gold or dirt. They turned to slavery and destroyed their precious altars. And started calling them Hogz to pressure them.

But the Hogz were wise. Having not yet shared all their wisdom or riches, they hid them. And so, under the guidance of the UnderHog, they locked themselves underground. All the while letting the other cults believe they were nothing more than the image they themselves were giving the Hogz.

Since this day the title of UnderHog has been passed on from generation to generation to this sworn protector of secrets. As the underground expanded, it reached across the valley, allowing the Hoglords to become smugglers, trading with a few discreet cult members & freeing captive Hogz.

TL,DR: travellers, turned farmers, turned slaves, turned smugglers, the Hoglords praise Pignesh, god of safe travels, hard work & wisdom.

In this day and age, Dragon valley strives to become the world’s largest cultural influence across all planes of existence. Somewhere between the Dragon’s Peak and Hogz mountain, the culture of the city has grown greatly over the past era. It has been many years since STORM has brought this land into being. There have been several groups of believers who made claims to whom is the true god of the lands. All of the cults are divided, so here we are living amongst each other in some strife. But each cult is respectful enough of each other’s beliefs to only prank in good fun. =) But as time has gone on, there has become a greater goal of each cult to prove their god is the one true god. So the city’s Nitwit mayor has planned a yearly event to prove who has the right to claim that their god is the true god of the world.

Nitwit Brotherhood

Long ago after the rise of the 3rd era Dragon valley, A few young minds began to question their beliefs in their cults. How could Ram be a god? how could the Endertrees be a true god, where they were born from another god? How is a storm even able to form lands without a trident of power? What was Akkira before the valley? Where did Pignesh truly come from? It was these simple questions that started to shake the minds of younglings in each cult.

On the “Night of new god” festival celebrating the birth of Crothin and the Isle of Chronia, A few youngsters slid away from their parents to sneak off into east mountains to play about in the maze of fate. No parent would ever let their kids do this challenge alone, but that would not stop these younglings from going there. At the gates of the maze Puma a young lady hogz meet up with Rooty a young Treewalker and his friend Batsmen from the Ram-Storm. These three were up for the challenges and trials of the maze of fate, they grew tired of waiting for the eves of their 16th births and it was time to know what Cult they were meant to live in for the rest of their days. Just because your parents were a cult did not mean that’s where you yourself belonged there too. The treewalker elders built a maze to test your skills and see gods would acknowledge you belonged in their Cult. The secondary thing with this new maze, it helps the cult elders see your strengths and weaknesses. The nitwit mayor will know how you can best help the city grow.

“Hey Puma, where finally here”. in a worn-out breath “About time Rooty and Batmen, I was getting worried you would not make it”. Sticking her tongue out.

Batmen put his finger on his mouth and “shushed” them. “Quite now, we don’t want to get caught,” we need to do this as fast as possible. Within moments the 3 stepped foot into the mouth of the maze they started down the long dark hall, paths and wild turns quickly got them lost. Then they begin to go into a circle seeing the same passage ways. After about 15mins or so in the maze Puma said, “Look guys where not getting anywhere should we try hitting any of the nobs we keep passing? Go into the water way we can’t see down? I beginning to think we're in a puzzle” Batmen chimed in “looks like we are, so are any of you really good at swimming? If so, would you mind seeing if there are any buttons or levers under water?” A very scared looking Rooty piped up and raised his hand.” Yes, I got this give me minute”

And with a swift dive the treewalker was in and out real fast, “found a switch hit anything happen? Soon a wall opened up to reveal a new passageway. Puma look wide and not surprised “seems we need to swim across everyone” with shame batmen spoke up, “I can’t swim. Rooty looking at his friend, “I’ll help you buddy hold tight to my waist if I recall your rather light so this will be easy”. A few moments later they were all across into the new tunnel. Down this hall they found an Endertree.

“Greeting little ones, I am surprised to see you here. Why have you come to the maze at your young age?” Puma bowed in presence of the tree of speech, not really knowing who he was and how he could talk. Likewise, the other two did too. “Great ender tree, I am Rooty and this is the first time I have ever spoken with one of your kind. Growing up with the Treewalker’s have heard tales that some of you could speak but never thought I would meet a talking Endertree in my life, it is said there are only 2 of you left in the valley.”

The Endertree spoke to him kindly “yes young one varies few of us have the magic left in our core roots too speak anymore. We the Endertree are link to one and another threw the vanes of magic life. Here in the Valley, we were many few era’s ago, but now we are few. But we are still very strong and capable of doing what we do. So, I should tell you little ones this maze is not meant for you until your age of adulting, but if you like to continue, I will not stop you but forewarn you that we the Endertree speak for the gods you don’t believe in. Shocked the youngsters looked into the eyes of the Endertree and knew then that they knew all.

Puma asked, “so you can sense why we are here? “the tree blinked and said “yes, and I will let you find your answerers as a group” with small smile the tree shut its eyes and yawned “time for rest its day out” At this moment Puma realized the elders would note that they were missing at the festival, and would be looking for them… so she whispered to her friends “it’s time to go” back into the water they went and new tunnels opened up, they off down the long tunnel that opened up to lava lake, with pillars in the middle of the lava, there they saw across the way a statue of the nitwit elders. Batmen look at his friends and said I got this, with 5 quick leaps he was across the lake easy but found a door that was shut… “guys this seems like this where we need to go, but how to open it up?” Puma looked about and saw there was another path, with an odd room at the end “hey maybe a key is that way” in this same moment Rooty saw that pillars were moving from place to place” I don’t know about this guy” Batmen could see Rooty was not up for jumping across, as brave as Rooty is, this is one thing he could not handle it, so leapt back to the other side and threw Rooty on small back and said “hang tight” soon after they were back on the other side. Then it was Puma turn.

Once all three were in statues' presence Batmen jumped over the cave area and arrow shot across his feet “looks like a trap here” quickly he dodged and leaped to the landing and hit a switch, and the door swung open to the next area. Before Puma and Rooty knew it, Batmen was back by their side and ready for more action. They traveled down a wet slimy corridor to find they were back at the Endertree.

What is going on here with this maze Puma wonder. A moment later the Endertree opened its eyes, and looked unsurprised. “Welcome back, thought you would have beat this maze bye now” Puma then asked “how can we if every tunnel we open up leads back too here?” with a wink the Endertree said.” now my child you're starting to understand things” this moment the tree popped one of its roots out of the ground and hit a switch, they all fell through the floor and landed into a slimy mess, they were deep into the maze now.

It was very dark and cold, they could not see but Puma could smell really good, she quickly picked up on a sent of unbathed lama in the pit of goo… she washed her way over to it, and realized she could hear her friends cry out for help. “It's bounce on me, it's bouncing on me. Puma knew instantly what they were swimming in, slime droppings. There, a force to be reckoned with, her raising in the tunnels of Hogz mountain more than prepared her for this. She yelled “just whack them fast and steady boys, where in for a wild ride” Soon, they were getting smaller and splitting up the slimes into smaller ones and within a few seconds they were free of the goo. “see that was easy” smirking at them, not that they could see her.

Now how to move on from here Puma wondered? Batmen checked the pockets of the lama carrier and found a lantern. “anyway, to light this?” searching threw the other bags on the lama he found a flint and steel. It was lucky for them that he did. They had time to react to the mother slime in bound for them. Like a fierce team they beat her and back into a little slime again. The lama even helped with its mighty balls of spit… one ball hit Rooty in the back of the head. “eek gross I’m even more nasty now, I could use another swim… Thanks lama for that. Now that the area was cleared, they could see the roots of the Endertree above and 6 doors leading them out of this room. They thought for a moment as to which door they should take. After much hemming and homing, they concluded the best way was to lead by the lama… in the door the lama chose they went.

Through here they found themselves enlightened bye all the bookshelves and scrolls and magic lighting in the room, a large table for all to sit and read at. There were green robes hanging on the chairs for them, they knew they had found the lost rooms of the treewalker elders. Stories had been passed down to them in all the cults, these rooms where said be in the last great quacks of the 1st era. But No here and the youngling found a lost city of Nitwit knowledge. This place could tell them all the answers they were looking for. Puma picks up a book on the table marked as ... “The Book of Ram-Storm 1st edition”, looking more about she found copies of the diaries of “Samrak” and a book called “Age of the Gods Blood” she knew she had found her place in the Valley of Dragons. She would soon in the coming era be known as the “Keeper of the faith”. Exploring the room more, Batmen found a hidden staircase that led up to the surface.

They went up and out. To find themselves face to face with the same Endertree as before. “Hello young ones, you seemed to have found the room of “The Nitwit Brotherhood” welcome to the class of Knowledge and secrets of the gods. You are now more than just a member of your cult but all cults to a degree. I am sure I will see you more often” with a big smile on his face the Endertree said these last few words before they all went home. “Faith in your gods is needed for you to keep the magic in the city a flow”. It would be a long time before these three would know what that fully means...

At this point the three friends said their farewells and planned to read all about the history of the valley next chance they got. But before they left the Endertree spit out to them some New shiny green Robs, marking on the back of them, each robe had their respective cult marking with a new orange, red blue cross hearing on shoulders. They soon know this marker as the brotherhood symbol, and that Endertree’s have chosen their bright young minds to carry out the work of the gods.