Halloween Event 2019

Halloween Event 2019
DC sur3 halloween2019 20 edit.png

World Survival 3
Organizers 18.png William278

18.png GummiBear87

Type Holiday Event
Date October 31, 2019

Halloween Event 2019 was an event on the Dogcraft Server that took place on the 31st October 2019. The event took place at -14206/83/5170 in a Dark Oak Forest, although you wouldn’t have recognized it was, during the event. It was led by 18.png William278 and 18.png GummiBear87. The build was originally inspired to be a haunted amusement park, but grew into becoming a series of attractions, each with their own “spooky factor”.


  • Redstone Mini-games, by 18.png OldManLP85
    • Zombie Pac-man - players had to gather enough tokens without getting zombified
    • Cart Invaders - players had to shoot the incoming minecarts before they reached the ground.
    • Shoot-a-chick - players had to shoot the chickens before they reached the ground.
    • Noteblock Mayhem - Players had to right-click the noteblocks that would appear.
  • Triple-layer Maze, by 18.png Daftbarbecue
    • First layer - normal maze
    • Second layer - invisible maze
    • Third layer - hedge maze
  • Dropper Tower, by 18.png Wildfirev
  • Pumpkin Carving, by 18.png Nossi345
    • First place was awarded to 18.png RareLynnCake with 125 points.
    • Second place was awarded to 18.png dragnrider70 with 107 points.
    • Third place was a tie between 18.png TxpMC and 18.png Andalarew with 103 points.
  • Haunted Mansion, by 18.png Mrs_Diss
  • ”It” house, by 18.png Mr_Quasi
  • Graveyard, by 18.png Snazzyk101

As well as these main builds there was lots of decorations and “fillers” which could not have been finished without the help of the awesome events team builders. Some prizes were also given out at the event, including a custom Map Art for completing all the Redstone games, a Zombie Horse Head for completing the Parkour, and a special head for completing the fabled Head-Hunt (a ‘Trick or Treat’ basket)