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Survival 2
2019-01-27 19.33.35.png
WorldSurvival 2
FoundedOctober, 2017
Mayor(s)20.png Joschija
LocationX= -4000
Y= 64
Z= -2100
NTN Nepolis Line

"This city was unfortunately put on hold because of its creator’s absence, although it’s still a nice place to visit for its unique style." Domino_1's tour guide

Nepolis was the town-like base of 20.png Joschija on the Survival 2 world of the Dogcraft Server. Work started on Nepolis in September 2017, starting with the town's 'old city' area and town hall. Awareness of the town began to grow through November and December, and a connection to the NTN was made via the then North4 Station. Growth continued until the unexplained absence of Joschija from mid March 2018 onwards and to the end of Survival 2.

Public Utilities

Nepolis housed many builds of public usefulness.

  • Post Office - Nepolis was the first town to build a working post office. The idea was later re-imagined in Havana. (November '17)
  • Die-orite - Based from Hermitcraft lore of Iskall85, Die-orite was facility for players to destroy the disliked block diorite. Players could choose from a variety of methods and a lamp was lit for each doublechest destroyed. (December '17)
  • Swimming Pool - A pool for anyone to swim in. (January '17)
  • Wither fighting arena - A place to fight the Wither Boss for entertainment. Includes the ability to customise with beacon effects and/or natural mob spawning. (December '17)
  • Golf Course - A selection of golf 'holes' in the form of 18 small pillars players must land on using ender pearls, as few as possible. (January '18)
  • Horse Racing Course - A fenced-off raceway featuring multiple jumps to race horses against each other. Also features a redstone starting system. (January '18)
    Interior of the Nepolis Post Office
  • Ice Boat Racing Track - Boat-on-ice track in the nether featuring jumps and underlava sections, winding down from near the nether roof to lava lake level. An open invitation was issued to players to decorate the track. (Feburary '18)