Eris Bay

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Eris Bay
Survival 3
Eris Bay overhead.png
A view of the bay from overhead.
WorldSurvival 3
Builder(s)20.png almightyanna
Founded20th October, 2018
LocationX= 5056
Y= 64
Z= -6384
TransportNTN North Line side door

"Starting in a hole in the wall of the island cove I made my home there." almightyanna

Eris Bay was the base of 20.png almightyanna on the Survival 3 world of the Dogcraft Server. The island base was founded shortly after the launch of the Survival 3 world where almightyanna would quickly find a set of islands to call home. Starting with a couple of cows, horses and sunflowers, the base was started by a small hidey-hole in the side of the island cove wall.


The base was a mix of a number of different styles. A general medieval aesthetic dominated many of the buildings, however there was also a modern villa and two oriental buildings could be found on one of the islands. The smaller islands further out had been made into a camp ground with tents as well as a villager hall and wheat farm. The main building was comprised of an underground storage system, farms, mob head collection, memento museum, enchanting area and map art gallery.

Wanting to incorporate the 1.13 underwater features brought by the update to Survival 3, almightyanna also built an underwater village in the adjacent ocean, though the village was primarily inhabited by a large turtle population. As the base neared completion, the terraforming of the islands began and they were connected via bridges and the interiors of the various buildings completed.


The Cacti prank of Eris Bay.

Notable pranks on the base were done by 20.png JarrydG_ZA and 20.png marbou9. JarrydG_ZA covered the entire island in potted cacti while marbou9 put glasses on various buildings after being told that he looked more like a cactus than a space cow.


Locator.svg Eris Bay in Survival 3

Eris Bay

Location of Eris Bay on the Grand Map of Survival 3.
(Co-ordinates — X: 5056, Z: -6384)