Survival 3 Post Office

Survival 3 Post Office
DC sur3 post office 2 big.png

View from the east side of spawn

World Survival 3
Builder(s) 18.png _edo
Contributors 18.png marbou9
Status Complete
Completed July 23rd, 2019
Location X=-40
Dimension Overworld

The Post Office was a build on the Survival 3 world of the Dogcraft Server that let players send items to other players with a mailbox.


The post office was located on the west side of the spawn basin. Many players used this to send gifts to other players, and it was commonly used by event leaders and mods to award prizes. The office held 264 boxes, 242 of which were claimed when the server shut down.

The post office contained seven floors, with four above the water and three submerged.

Postboxes consisted of a dropper, a hopper, a large chest, a redstone lamp, and a sign. Items were placed in the dropper, which was open to the public, and got funneled down into the claimed chest. A comparator would power a redstone lamp beneath the chest if there was an item in it.

To get a mailbox, players went to the floor with the correct name range and found an unclaimed chest, right- then left-clicked with a golden hoe to claim the chest, and then replaced the sign with their name.

Advertising was not allowed.


The post office was built by 18.png _edo with help from 18.png marbou9. Work on the project was started in early July 2019 and was opened on the 23rd of July.

Player directory

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The floors of the post office were arranged by the first letter of the player's IGN. Floor 3 held A-C, floor 2 held D-F, floor 1 held G-K, the sea level floor was information, floor -1 had L-O, floor -2 P-S, and floor -3 had T-Z and 0-_; some players' post boxes were on different floors than they should be, likely because of lack of space—you could check with ctrl+f if you can't find someone.

Floor 3, with 33/33 boxes housed the following players. Aeghu, Aiyn84, Alientation, AllikatUK, almightyanna, Andalarew, Arkhangellsk, ArrowsTheHunter, AshEevee, Astrid_Raptor, Ategon, BB_JFK876, behid, BelannaT, Black_Adam76, blueartistic813_, Bluecubicgirl1, BlueSheep_01, BonkersTheFox, Briggsmech, Brogaman, Bunderella, CaveCreeper1024, Celexion, CeresAmongStars, ChrisNortje, Chris_W05, Cookies58_, Cornfedd, Cubus84, Eco_Elf, Eternith, RhodiumOdi

Floor 2, with 36/39 boxes housed the following players. D4rkPr1nc3ss, darparnoix, DaWiiee, Dayelaye, DDameion, Deadlyice204, Derealyst, dmgdog, Domi_2, dragnrider70, DragonFire441, drollJester, Dryadelder, DunzDogz, Dutchsoccer, EbiFurya, EmaEmason, Emrys_17, Enderpoint, EnderRaider, endorwitch, EtaThetaZeta, EvilTheCat23, Evo_Tech, Excaliber_FC, Expedtadam, FangsofAmber, Fazat_, FearMyLittlePony, FerrousInvicta, finnorir, Fireexponent, Fraserxx8, Fuzzyfire33, FxToltec, TeapotYeti

Floor 1, with 36/39 boxes housed the following players. CaptainKoopa, cfmr8, GamerChyck, Gamerluuk, Garch, gerasiov, GilhooleyR05, googly2002, GummiBear87, Gupta99999, H0pestart3r, HeavyDork, HelgaRakel, Hiulgren, Huntersgames1, IAmGrumpy, icylycan, Ihedgehogs, IvorySnape, JarrydG_ZA, Jazz5253, jjSights, jkobe02, jmsvvr, JustEnt, Kajsus13, KenpachiZA, Kinda_lost, KingCreeper1, Kirkwalled, Kitkatkid63, Kronolak, Princess223, TheBuzyBeaver06, Tulkon, _gewoon

Floor -1, with 44/48 boxes housed the following players. Brinicio, L1GHTN1NG_STR1KE, Lakosius, LazerGamez, legomaniac65, LivingDeadRachie, LKBrender, Lolzman42, LVXIII, l_d_b__, maltj6945, mangotheotter, Marbou9, Mareel, Marine81, Martin_Natorian, Marz77, MaxMoneyAWA, Max_Par, MCsallie, Mc_Lelouch, MGpipo, MineFoxQT, Mini_Ender_Wolfy, misterblue28, MollusSlime, MontyShirlon42, mperreult, Mrs_Diss, Mr_E, Myticwolfia, NanoGalactic, NateunknownMC, Nathan402603, NdT3, NerdsEyes, Nizrem, NMDragonFire, Nonium, nossi345, Oddish05, OldGrey, OldManLP85, TheOfficialAdmin

Floor -2, with 51/51 boxes housed the following players. Mr_Quasi, pandamonium03, Papa_Crafty, paperclip06, Pigeon_Confirmed, Ponshop, PrismSpectrum, Prot01, Puph17, R0bstar, R3B3LCL3F, RabidRhino, Ragecage295, RareLynncake, Ring_Flame, Rochacha50, Rub3e, RY44, RynnEver, SaemusMineCraft, SamanthaArgos, Scooberson, Scuba_Girl, SeraTheFIFI, SilverLurker, Sivanbees, Skelleton123, Skluz, Skyhook2415, skyraacy, SledgeMaster, Smallersnail, SmashNoodles, SnazzyK101, SoLoBot_0, SparxTH, Spear994, spider0ck, spirtbound0372, splittingadam, Starr274, StenLLuk, SteveMineSteve, Strador, SummerFlower1234, SunstoneLeo, SvenFoxx, Syralist, ThEquinox2, _Phnx_, __Stormageddon_

Floor -3, with 42/54 boxes, housed the following players. 73tntminding374, 9000Rainbow, HadesStamps Riot_Of_Penguins, Savers123, Sherlogic, Soun17, Taerime, TallStickMan, Tankkiller123, TekBot0507, TheBubleBree, TheFlyingPuffin, TheLemonCrafter, theoneinboots, TheWhiteTigerNL, Thrallc, Thundercheif1, tibbeyfer, Tiffykitty, TobiasLe1st, TrainerMoon, TransitBiker, TxpMc, UnspeakableAl, Uzi_Dan, U_S_Showman, VanNover, Vectron09, VyxiFaye, Waltert_, warrick_, WaterCreeper500, William278, Winnie43, Wolfiefox, Wrappinq, XavierC30, Xman404, zparx_, Zulgeteb, _edo

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