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Survival 2
WorldSurvival 2
Mayor(s)20.png Penguinium
LocationX= 1500
Y= 64
Z= 1100

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Littlecliff was the capital city of the nation of Cliffea. It was located on the cliffs of a snowy mountainous area, with a river flowing through a nordic-inspired town. Located around x1500, z1100, It was never connected to the Survival Railway Network, however plans existed before the closure of the Survival 2 world to connect it to Island Interlude Station, which is located between Tundra Station and Akkara Station.


Littlecliff 2.png

Transport in the nation of Cliffea is organized by the local network of rails called the Littlecliff Rail Company (LRC). LRC serves as a metro system and local railroad between Cliffean towns.


Line (H): Hafford: Stops at Littlecliff Central, Hafford, and NewRid Park

Line (S): Saharia: Stops at Littlecliff Central, Littlecliff River, Town of Veka, Telemonial Station, and Saharia

Line (N): Noria: Stops at Littlecliff River Station, Blue Mountain Station, Town of Noria


  • National Banner Museum: Located in the center of town, the Littlecliff Banner Museum houses banners from all over the server.
  • Pit of Tears: Located in the Western Basin, a perfect place to come and cry after losing your items to the void.
  • Peaceful Peaks Parkour course: this parkour course down the river poses a challenge to visitors.
  • TARDIS: Located on the Southern Slopes, this large blue building is hard to miss.

Littlecliff is the capital of the nation of Cliffea which as its name suggests is based around mountains. It has its own local rail system and a server-wide museum of banners.

- domi_adam's tour guide summary