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Survival 3
An overhead view of the city, with Barkencastle in the background and the Behemoth blimp to the left of the picture.
WorldSurvival 3
Founded24th October, 2018
Mayor(s)20.png Hiulgrin
Contributors20.png Ragecage295,
20.png SilverLurker,
20.png MollusSlime,
20.png Riot_of_Penguins,
20.png Waltert_
LocationX= -5600
Y= 64
Z= -2400
TransportAvalanche Branch Line
NTN Avalanche Line Nether Tunnel

Barkenstein was a plot-based town on the Dogcraft Survival 3 world, created and owned by Hiulgrin since the 24th October, 2018. The town was originally created to feature a "Mount Hermitmore"; a mountain built with the heads of members of the Hermitcraft server.

Since its founding, the town had attracted significant builders with several notable builds being constructed such as a station, a blimp and a large castle which overlooked the town, not to mention Mount Hermitmore serving as a reminder to the town's beginnings.


Barkenstein was divided into plots which interested players could get for free. Plots were identified by the road they were on. Some plots contained embassies for different settlements on Survival 3.

Notable Builds

  • Barkencastle - Built by Waltert_, the castle was a grand setpiece with its ominous grey design. It featured lush wheat fields at the back and was complete with grand towers and a wall protecting against invaders.
  • Spleef Arena - One of the larger builds in the city, the Barkenstein Spleef Arena had facilitated Dogcraft Spleef League games to be hosted in the town allowing it to become an attractive hub for the sport.
  • Superchunk - The city had a large superchunk dug out, complete with several farms.
  • The Behemoth - The colorful blimp hovered above the city providing spectacular views of the area below. Inside was an iron farm providing residents with iron.
  • Mount Hermitmore - A mountain with space carved out where heads of Hermitcraft youtubers were being built.

Opening Event

Players dressed up at the spleef free-for-all

Barkenstein held an official opening event on the 3ʳᵈ of August 2019. Events included a statue building contest, free-for-all spleef and the 'Skeletonhorse Steeplechase' in which players raced skeleton horses around a circuit of the town. All three were well-received on the server and were successful.

Barkenstein poster.png


Statue Contest Winners:

  • Heist - Summerflower1234
  • Harbour - marbou9
  • Transport - MattLong316

Skeleton Steeplechase

  • Winner -