Mall (Survival 2)

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Survival 2 Mall
Survival 2
WorldSurvival 2
Builder(s)Staff & Build Team
Completed9th January, 2018
LocationX= -2000
Y= 64
Z= 8900

The Mall on the Survival 2 world of the Dogcraft Server was a staff created and sanctioned commercial area where players could trade and sell items through shop chests in exchange for Dogcraft Dollars. The Survival 2 world was launched without a Mall in place, and it quickly became one of the most requested features from players who had become accustomed to having one.


The Survival 1 Mall was one of the most popular features offered by the Dogcraft server, so players were eager for a mall to be opened on the new Survival 2 world when there wasn't one available on launch day. The entrepreneurial player 20.png Ten0r took advantage of this and started his own player-run Mall; Ten0r's Mall which was quite successful and ran for several months.

Duly, on the 9th of January 2018, a new Mall was opened. This Mall closely resembled the second Mall of Survival 1, the layout being the same, only with different builds in the plaza sections and centre. The first railway connection to a Mall was made through the SRN's Mall Station. Plots were now purchased in-game by clicking signs and had the same pricing at the previous Mall.

Notable shops from this Mall included 20.png peterpaul1991's, 20.png ramokhan's and 20.png Brianetta's Bank. The latter was a simple but well-known shop that bought diamonds for 150-200 dcd, prices that were over market value, in an attempt to stem depreciation. In particular, ramokhan made excellent use of the unique appeal of map artwork. Later in Survival 2, 20.png Derealyst and his shop became prominent for its classic strategy of large range and low pricing that saw its owner rise to one of the richest players on the server.