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Survival 2
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WorldSurvival 2
Mayor(s)20.png TiniestTea
Tetley NTN Station

Tetley was a city on the Survival 2 world. Built by TiniestTea shortly after the opening of the new world, the city was planned to be a large plot-based metropolis where people could gather to build. At the end of Survival 2, the city had yet to be built up though a number of buildings were built. In addition, a Nether Transport Network line to the land was built from a Tetley Junction station in the nether.


Tetley never opened for people to purchase plots, though a number of builds were made.

  • An embassy for Quasi's District.
  • Two large houses:
    • One served as an Embassy for Akkara City as well as a storage house for the city.
    • The other served as a personal home for mayor TiniestTea.
  • A large Nether Portal that led to Tetley Station in the nether.


  • The name of the city 'Tetley' was named after the brand of tea in the UK that shares the same name.
  • The city had the only NTN station on Survival 2 that was serviced by a specially built Junction station.
Background Takeshi by Edo