Ark City

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Ark City
Survival 3
Ark City, located at the north-western most point on Survival 3
WorldSurvival 3
Builder(s)20.png Arkhangellsk
FoundedJune 2019
TransportNorthwest Border Station NTN
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Ark City was the base of 20.png Arkhangellsk on the Survival 3 world of the Dogcraft Server. The city was designed as though it was a modern city, and was found at the North West world border on Survival 3. The city was a member base of the North-Western Tulip Alliance.


The location began as a palace complex before Arkhangellsk entered a period of inactivity. Upon return in June 2019 he decided to begin constructing his own city to due a lack of fully realized skyscraper cities on Dogcraft.

Much was completed in this month before IRL caused Ark to become inactive again. He would remain inactive until December 2019, where wave two of city construction saw the city double, then triple, then quadruple in size (both surface area and builds).

The city plans became so large that ARK CITY saw the original palace complex paved over to make new land, as well as a massive expansion east. The city also saw the creation of its districts to help centralize building themes.


ARK CITY (Downtown)

-The first and central district of ARK CITY. The build style was themed around old New York City skyscrapers as well as having major inspiration/various landmarks of Montreal and the Final Fantasy 15 city of Insomnia. Major attractions located here included City Hall and ARK CITY SQUARE.

New Cookies City

-Named after Cookies58_. Once a Birch forest hills island south of ARK CITY, the land was flattened to sea level and an Ark-made beach was built. This district's build style was based off of Las Vegas/Atlantic City/Macau/Dubai as a vibrant modern gaming resort city. Major attractions included the New Cookies Strip, Squirtle Beach, the Boardwalk, the Abra Kadabra, the Burj Claylifa, and the Cookies Luxor.

Port Nossi

-Named after Nossi. Once a chain of small islands off the coast of ARK CITY, this area was soon developed into a series of canals around the central square. The build style was themed around Venice and the Final Fantasy 15 city of Altissia. Major attractions included Nossi Square, the Tower of Noss, the Saint Nossi Basilica, and the Doge Nossi's Palace.

Dragon City-Marbouya District

-Named after Dragonfire441 and Marbou9, A large Asian themed district east of ARK CITY Downtown. The build style was mainly a mix of modern and ancient Chinese and Japanese architecture. Major attractions included Dragon Palace and the under construction Marbouya District, a vibrant area of neon lights and advertisements themed after Times Square NYC and the Shibuya District of Tokyo.


-Named after RY44, this suburban district was east of Dragon City and is themed after older European architecture. Major attractions include the RYcastle, the Louvre-ARK CITY, and the Arkffel Tower.


Background Takeshi by Edo