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Survival 2
An overhead view of Saharia with Great Dunes Bridge and Dunes Station behind
WorldSurvival 2
Mayor(s)20.png TEX5000
20.png Wil0wLily (Ex-mayor)
LocationX= 1700
Y= 64
Z= 4000
TransportSRN Dunes Station
NTN Dunes Station

Saharia, formerly known for a time as Dunes City, was a town on the Survival 2 world that was led by 20.png Wil0wLily and later on 20.png TEX5000 following the completion of Dunes Station on the Survival Railway Network. The town had a palette of mainly sandstone featuring builds in a far-eastern style, with flat roofing and walls. The city had a backdrop of Great Dunes Bridge that served to connect the railway between Solace Station and Dunes Station. Later on the neighbouring base of gamerluuk was named Saharia-west.