NW Avalanche Branch Line

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Barkenstein & Sunpetal Branch Line
Survival 3
The NW Avalanche Branch Line as shown on the SRN map.
WorldSurvival 3
TypeSRN Branch Line
Builder(s)20.png FangsofAmber
20.png Hiulgrin
Contributors20.png L1GHTN1NG_STR1KE
20.png Aeghu
20.png EnderWatts
20.png TransitBiker
20.png Pigeon_Confirmed

The NW Avalanche Branch line, formerly the Barkenstein & Sunpetal Branch Line, was a large railway line on the Survival 3 world that aimed to link the towns of Barkenstein and Sunpetal Oasis to the Survival Railway Network at two points.

History & Development

The project began when the Lead Builders for the towns of Barkenstein and Sunpetal Oasis spoke about connecting both projects to the railway network on the world. Sunpetal Oasis would stretch eastward reaching Witchwood Station along the North SRN line. Barkenstein would go south towards Relleka Station along the West SRN line. Once completed, this would allow travel along a giant rail loop, one of the first of it's kind in the network's history.

FangsOfAmber, the mayor of Sunpetal Oasis, led the construction of the line between Dogfish and Witchwood Station, while Barkenstein mayor Hiulgrin oversaw construction between Dogfish and Barkenstein with the later expansion to the West Line. Aeghu, EnderWatts and TransitBiker had also lent their assistance with construction, while TekBot0507 and L1GHTN1NG_STR1KE had spearheaded the extension of the line to the North-West.

The NW Avalanche Branch Line had several features that distinguished it from standard SRN lines. Perhaps most notably, it predominantly used a double-rail standard rather than the single-rail standard of the SRN. This allowed players to travel in both directions along the same stretch of track simultaneously without colliding. Moreover, as a branch line, the creative freedom for Avalanche builders was also greater than on the SRN, allowing different parts of the line to have significantly different designs in response to the terrain and the projects which they connected.


Barkenstein Station

Located within the city of Barkenstein, this station allowed for easy access to the city. The station was built in a similar stone and wood style as many of the surrounding structures. Additionally, it featured a custom redstone system constructed by Hiulgrin.

Seaguard Station

Constructed next to the Barkenstein Guardian Farm. For most, it was just a scenic spot to take in a view before heading on their way. If you decided to stop and look around, you would need to be careful not to fall in as dropped items can fall into a collection system. Glass and Prismarine were primarily used with another custom redstone design by Hiulgrin.

S.S. Dogfish Station

Built within the remains of one of the many crashed or sunken ships in the area. The SS Dogfish acted as the nexus between the lush forests of the Barkenstein lands, the hot, harsh mesa around Sunpetal Oasis, and the underwater tunnels of the North-West. The once great ship for which the station was named connected via stonework to another shipwreck allowing for both underwater and above ground viewing.

Sunpetal Station

Hiding within the lush Sunpetal Oasis, the station offered a long view of the colorful reef pool and surrounding builds. A Donkey Barn (under construction) on an upper level allowed an easy way to take in the local sites. This station featured a cart system by FangsofAmber based on the standard SRN design.

Frosting Lake

Nestled within a frigid tundra next to the namesake lake. An extension connected to the ever growing Cake Town (A build by EskyMiner). The smell of baked goods from the nearby city usually left those stopping by feeling a bit hungry. The cool colors of the station matched both the icy landscape and the nearby settlement. The station featured a cart system by FangsofAmber based on the standard SRN design. This was the first stop on the Line when coming from Witchwood Station on the SRN North Line.

Drowned Station

Built on a raised section of the ocean bed. Though isolated and currently only a stop-off, the station's four-sided design hinted at the promise of future expansion. Its glass tunnels allowed unobstructed views into the ocean, matched only by those from its upper floor.

Tekrimiter Station

Raised above TekBot0507's great industrial perimeter on a vast bridge. The station was compact and built largely of iron, stone, and glass with water elevators to and from the perimeter below. Located downstairs from the main floor, the adjoining tracks cut into the nearby cliffs and ran above the river to showcase the area's natural beauty.

Calafort Station

Perched on one of Calafort's peaks at the start of the road to the gatehouse and town below. The station itself was notable for its great roof, constructed by Pigeon_Confirmed, and the great rose windows with glass in the colours of Calafort's flag. Meanwhile, the approach was dominated by L1GHTN1NG_STR1KE's monumental viaduct that ascended to the peak from the tunnel, guarded by a gate of standard Calish design. The station featured a cart system by Hiulgrin based on the standard SRN design, with track running perpendicular to the approach to accommodate the station's layout.