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Dogcraft Ice Boat League

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Dogcraft Ice Boat League
Survival 3
River Raceway.png
River Raceway, one of the Dogcraft Ice Boat League tracks.
TypeMinigame League
World(s)Survival 3
Leader(s)20.png TrainerMoon and 20.png mperreault
Contributors20.png Excaliber_FC (League Commissioner)
20.png expedtadam (Geographical Engineer)
Track builders and hosts (see List of Tracks)

The Dogcraft Ice Boat League is a player-run events organization, which runs tournaments using the several ice boat tracks around the server. The sport utilizes the ability of boats to move on ice in the game. The league is currently on hiatus, as of the end of the Survival 3 world.


The Dogcraft Ice Boat League (DIBL) was founded in September of 2019 by 20.png TrainerMoon and 20.png mperreault. Its inspiration is taken from Rendog's Ice Boat Track "Sahara Speedy Pines Raceway" on Hermitcraft 6. The idea came to 20.png TrainerMoon when racing against various other players at 20.png TickleMeUnicorn's drowned farm where he had had temporarily set up a small ice boat race track for people to race around while loading more mobs for the farm.

After a short unofficial tournament was held at this track, mperreault asked TrainerMoon and 20.png Excaliber_FC to test out his new ice boat track he had quickly designed. After a couple races, TrainerMoon came up with the idea to create a series of race tracks all over the server and host tournaments at these tracks. Thus, the Ice Boat League was born.

Originally it was just run by TrainerMoon and mperreault. However, the two soon enlisted the help of Excaliber_FC to take part as the official League Commissioner. His job is to help run tournaments to make sure they run smoothly, like a referee. They went on to host two tournaments that were both quite successful.

In November of 2019, TrainerMoon hired the help of 20.png expedtadam to terraform the Ice Boat League Headquarters Island. After expedtadam finished the job, TrainerMoon was so astounded at the final product, he officially made him the Geographical Engineer of the Ice Boat League.

List of Tracks

  • MP Iceway - Built mainly by 20.png mperreault, with some assistance from 20.png TrainerMoon and 20.png Excaliber_FC towards the end. This track actually was 2 tracks in 1. It featured a control room next to the start/finish line with a lever that would allow the track to switch from its original shape to its much larger expansion. It also features various drops and bubble elevators to add elevation to the track.
    • Coordinates: (-13767, -15640)
    • NTN Connection: Outer Ring (West -> North 15.5k)
  • Baby Park - Built by 20.png TrainerMoon and 20.png mperreault. This track was inspired by the infamous chaotic tiny race track from Mario Kart of the same name. While it is tiny in size, it was plenty in fun; its vast amounts of blue ice wreaked havoc to anyone who dared attempt to conquer its tight turns.
    • Coordinates: (1140, 6075)
    • NTN Connection: South Line (6k Left Side)
  • River Raceway - Built by 20.png mperreault. This track was a winding river run through a massive snowy plains biome. It was the first non-loop track of the Ice Boat League. It had no walls so you want to be very careful to not end up in the grass, which would slow you down tremendously. At night, there was no better view than in the air looking down at the well lit up river.
    • Coordinates: (8625, -14960)
    • NTN Connection: North Line (15k Right Side)
  • Christmas Circuit - Built by 20.png marbou9. This long track wound its way through a winter wonderland. Made for the Christmas 2018 festivities, this track had been repurposed to be an official DIBL track.
    • Coordinates: (-17460, 19620) /warpxmas2018
    • NTN Connection: N/A
  • Pharaoh Falls - Built by 20.png mperreault and 20.png TrainerMoon. This track was located inside of an Egyptian style theme park owned by RageCorp called Pharaoh Park. It featured two large waterfalls, an elevated iceway, several bridges and two tunnels.
    • Coordinates: (12980, 18250)
    • NTN Connection: Outer Ring (South -> East 13k)
  • Scapelane Speedway - Built by 20.png legowar1508. This modern themed track looped around his base and shows off his incredible skyscraper. Not containing any elevation changes, this flat course tested racers ability to corner effectively and avoid crashing in the walls.
    • Coordinates: (12170, -9010)
    • NTN Connection: N/A
  • Ouranos Raceway - Built by 20.png William278 and the Ouranos Build Team. This formula-1 style track may have seemed simple and easy to master, but it was easy to be fooled by its simple shape. It track featured tunnels, corner shortcuts, and blue ice lines to give you an extra speed boost. It was complete with stands for viewers at the finish line and a redstone mechanic that prevented people from getting a head start. Mobs spawning at night was a common fixture.
    • Coordinates: (5686, 1872)
    • NTN Connection: East Line (5.5k Right Side, Ouranos Branch)
  • Tera Speedway - Built by 20.png Ategon. This narrow hidden gem was mostly underground or inside the buildings of Tera. It features a variety of challenges including fast straight paths, sections with no walls, and zig zag paths. There were many shortcuts and sections of the track that branch off disguised as shortcuts.
    • Coordinates: (250, -7154)
    • NTN Connection: North Line (7k Right Side)
  • Sevoya - Built by 20.png Excaliber_FC and 20.png mperreault. This track took place largely in a desert that took a little trip into a mountain region. It featured lots of bubble columns and various paths you can take.
    • Coordinates: (-16640, 13588)
    • NTN Connection: N/A
  • Hybrid Highway - Built by 20.png Tekbot0507. This track encompassed the massive 4x4 map base of his. It is not the first track to incorporate both ice and water, but it's the first that used both to their full effect.
    • Coordinates: (-6126, -4984)
    • NTN Connection: N/A
  • Easter Explosion - Built by 20.png martin_natorian and 20.png yddraiggoch. This track was built in the Easter 2019 area. It was actually an ice boat maze with pressure plates that activate dispensers filled with TNT. It was a race to the exit while trying to stay alive.
  • Highway to Hell - Built by 20.png mperreault. This track is built in the nether and wound its way through a nether fortress. It also split up into different paths. It featured a tunnel under the lava lakes of the nether.
    • Coordinates: (N: -535, 92, 5984)
    • NTN Connection: N/A
  • Holly Jolly Hollow - Built by 20.png DaftBarbecue with help from 20.png OldmanLP85 and 20.png RY44. This track was built in the Christmas 2019 area. It was a short loop inside a cavern underneath the metropolis made entirely out of snow and ice. It featured a very festive starting song and a log tunnel.
    • Coordinates: (E: -538597, 208078)
    • NTN Connection: N/A


  • Inaugural Tournament: The first tournament of the league featured many racers looking to test the waters of this new league. At the time the Ice Boat League was still semi-official. It featured races at MP Iceway, River Raceway, Pharaoh Falls, Baby Park, Scapelane Speedway, and Ouranos Speedway. The prizes were 10k DCD for third place, which went to 20.png nossi345, 20k DCD for second place, which went to 20.png William278, and 30k DCD for first place, which went to 20.png gupta99999. All communication took place over the general voice channel in the official Dogcraft discord causing many hi-jinxes and confusions.
  • Time Zone Tournament: The second tournament of the league featured racers signing up for one of 3 group preliminary rounds, divided between continents. The 3 groups hosted the rounds at hours that catered to Australia/New Zealand, Europe, and North America in timed races at MP Iceway, Pharaoh Falls, and River Raceway. The 6 fastest racers overall were 20.png SmashNoodles, 20.png dmgdog, 20.png SmallerSnail, 20.png Ategon, 20.png SilverLurker, and 20.png L1GHTN1NG_STR1KE, who qualified to race at the finals at Ouranos Speedway. However, several of these 6 finalists could not make it to the final race so runners up had to take their place. The finals were raced by 20.png dmgdog, 20.png Mackaaaa, 20.png Andalarew, 20.png Ategon, 20.png SilverLurker, and 20.png L1GHTN1NG_STR1KE. The prizes were 10k DCD and an enchanted trident either riptide or channeling based on what second place doesn't pick for third place, which went to 20.png SilverLurker, 25k DCD and an enchanted trident of their choice between riptide or channeling for second place, which went to 20.png dmgdog, and 50k DCD and 2 enchanted tridents, 1 channeling and 1 riptide, for first place, which went to 20.png L1GHTN1NG_STR1KE. In addition, TrainerMoon gave all 6 finalists the option for a free commission of 100 stacks of any wood of their choice.


Located in the overworld at coordinates (x: 1104, z: 785), the sunflower plains biome island was discovered by TrainerMoon on his first week on the server in August of 2019. For the next 4 months, the Ice Boat League staff worked together to transform the island into a gorgeous modern beach resort centered on an ancient greek temple. It was connected to the SRN as a branch line from the South Station and was connected to the NTN via the East line at the 1k block marker on the right.


  • 20.png TrainerMoon - Co-Founder
  • 20.png mperreault - Co-Founder
  • 20.png Excaliber_FC - League Commissioner
  • 20.png expedtadam - Geographical Engineer


  • The Ice Boat League used to have its own discord server, but on October 15, 2019, that server was deleted, as to merge with the Dogcraft Spleef League and Equestrian League to form the DC Leagues Server.
  • Originally, the HQ Island was supposed to house the HQ for the short lived DC Tick game, a variant of the Hot Potato game from Hermitcraft 6.
  • The HQ Island was home to the smallest known flower forest biome on the server. The flower forest has an area of 86 blocks and spans 15 blocks North/South and 10 blocks East/West.
  • Only 3 people commissioned wood orders from the Time Zone Tournament.
  • The finals for the Time Zone Tournament were put on pause between races due to a massive phantom attack.
  • 20.png TickleMeUnicorn's track tournament caused a lot of drowned to spawn, many with tridents. It is one of the biggest contributors to the great Trident Economy crash of 2019.
  • Baby Park was home to a special note block rendition of the infamous song, "Baby Shark" as a Christmas present from 20.png TrainerMoon to 20.png MollusSlime
  • The League was put on hiatus in early 2020