Pineapple's Mountain Outpost

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Pineapple's Mountain Outpost
Survival 2
WorldSurvival 2
FoundedMid 2018
Mayor(s)20.png Pineappleman83, 20.png Pineappleguy83
LocationX= 7200
Y= 64
Z= 3500

Pineapple's Mountain Outpost (PMO) was a small town on the Survival 2 world. Like many towns, it was started in the vicinity of June 2018, and run by Pineappleman83 and the lesser known Pineappleguy83.


The town was split into two districts - the blue residential district and the yellow commercial district. The mountain peak of the town contained a visitor centre containing a town palette and mayoral offices, as well as storage tower and banner gallery, whist farms were scattered around the peak and outskirts of the town. The banner gallery was the most notable feature of the town. It featured many decorative banners as well as a selection from other towns and cities.
PMO was a short-lived town. The town was well set up, but the main mayor Pineappleman83, became inactive not long after he joined the server.