Banana Bay

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Banana Bay
Banana North Bay.png
World Survival 3
Builder(s) 0a6a4aa1-07a3-463a-bb76-96b84c0c089c?size=20.png dawiiee
Contributors 20.png Miacik, Solo
Status Defunct
Dimension Overworld

Banana Bay was a build on the Survival 3 world of Dogcraft. It was started during a notable player influx during June 2019, alongside many other builds and smaller settlements. It's build style can be described as medieval. It's primary builder was 0a6a4aa1-07a3-463a-bb76-96b84c0c089c?size=20.png dawiiee, who is responsible for most parts of the area.

The final build has multiple sections, starting from the Northern Bay area, which features a boat with a sail in the colour scheme of the town's banner, a spleef arena built to DSL standard with a piston elevator that transports in the player into the air, as well as usual dock and water features and beach cove. The Eastern Bay is a similar style, and was the contribution of 20.png Miacik. Above both bay areas is a small fort and hall, as well as a few houses. Within the church styled hall is a long table and throne. Above the hall hangs the skull of the dragon named DraggonyMcDragonface. The town had a semi-formal alliance with Calafort, as they were both created at a similar time and part of the world, and to which they share a nether tunnel connected to the NTN West track.

To commemorate the end of the Survival 3 world, Banana Bay was set alight on the final day.

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