Quasi's District

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Quasi's District
Survival 2
Quasi's District.png
"The City of Diorite"
WorldSurvival 2
Builder(s)20.png Mr_Quasi
Founded2nd September, 2017
LocationX= -2280
Y= 64
Z= 2380
TransportNitwit Railway Line

Quasi's District, also named The City of Diorite, was the base of 20.png Mr_Quasi in the Survival 2 world. The base was diorite themed and had a lore related to hermit Iskall85's notorious hate for the block.

The official story is that Mr_Quasi joined the server to find new inspiration for his survival single player world, but this short visit would become a stay! The hatred towards diorite was something that Mr_Quasi experienced right away. He didn't agree with this and to tease his fellow dogcrafters he chose to build his base out of diorite. Soon it became an exciting challenge to make diorite work instead of just complaining about it. Opinions were mixed in the beginning but over time it sparked some friendships and the players who diskliked the block now had a place to get rid of it by helping the base grow.

Quasi's District was located west of Spawn and also connected to the SRN via a Secondary Line called the Nitwit Railway Line (NRL) starting from a station in the base. This line connected with SRN's North West Station.

The base featured many tall, diorite structures with pointed spruce and dark-oak roofing, which served to house various farms and buildings in the base. A large lighthouse sat at the entrance of the base beckoning new players into it, which also accepted donations of diorite. The donators also got a name placed on the wall of the donation storage in the shape of a framed emerald.


A set of 4 embassies were built alongside the Nitwit Railway Line to North-West station; for the City of Havana, Nepolis, Akkara City, Kingdom of Solace.

Besides the embassies along the NRL connection Mr_Quasi also built embassies in other cities / bases after being inspired by the embassy of Akkara City in the City of Havana.

As of the end of Survival 2 there were 5 embassies which represent 'The city of Diorite'. They where located in Havana, Nepolis, Akkara, Tetly and Valhalla 2.



  • There lived a captured Wither Boss called 'Quasi's Pet'
  • At the border with Spawn there was a lighthouse, which was also a donation center for diorite.
  • There was a hidden zoo, with a second part in the Nether, which included a Ghast mob.
  • In april 2018 Mr_Quasi's base was covered in Rendog's basetours.
  • As of july 2023 Mr_Quasi's is restoring his base in a sort of former glory by replacing mobs and missing decorations!