Quasi's District

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Quasi's District
Survival 2
2018-07-01 21.46.57.png
"The City of Diorite" - A view of the city looking down from up above.
WorldSurvival 2
Builder(s)20.png Mr_Quasi
Founded2nd September, 2017
LocationX= -2280
Y= 64
Z= 2380
TransportNitwit Railway Line

Quasi's District, also named The City of Diorite, was the base of Mr_Quasi in the Survival 2 world. The base was diorite themed and had a lore related to hermit Iskall85's notorious hate for the block.

The official reason was a lack of inspiration after many years of building in Minecraft; using diorite became an exciting challenge. Quasi's District was located west of Spawn and also connected to the SRN via a Secondary Line called the Nitwit Railway Line (NRL) starting from a station in the base. This line connected with SRN's North West Station.

The base featured many tall, diorite towers and homes with pointed spruce and dark-oak roofing, which served to house various farms and buildings in the base. A large lighthouse sat at the entrance of the base beckoning new players into it, which also accepted donations of diorite.


A set of 5 embassies were built alongside the Nitwit Railway Line to North-West station; for the City of Havana, Nepolis, Akkara City, Kingdom of Solace and Tetley.

Besides the NRL connection embassies Mr_Quasi also built embassies in other cities / bases after being inspired by the embassy of Akkara City in the City of Havana. As of the end of Survival 2, there were 5 embassies which represent 'The city of diorite'.


  • There lived a captured Wither Boss called 'Quasi's Pet'
  • At the border with Spawn there was a lighthouse, which was also a donation center for diorite.
  • There was a hidden zoo, with a second part in the Nether, which included a Ghast mob.
  • In april 2018 Mr_Quasi's base was covered in Rendog's basetours.