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Chronia Country Club

View of the Country Club

Type Trident-golf course
World(s) Survival 3
Project Leader(s) nossi_

DragonFire441 RY44 Cookies58_

Contributors Arkhangellsk

Aiyn84 Spear994 almightyanna

Status Active

Chronia Country Club (CCC) is a trident-golf course on the Survival 3 world of the Dogcraft Server, built by the Chronia team. It is inspired by Cubfan135's trident-golf course on the Hermitcraft SMP.


This project has been on the wish list of the Chronia co-founders since the beginning of Survival 3 server, as along 1.13 it brought tridents into the game, which made more realistic golf possible in Minecraft due to other features such as enderpearls and projectile velocity changing based on the thrower's velocity.

The 18-hole course constructed by DragonFire441 is 6114 blocks long, and manages to go fully around a mesa biome, over several oceans, starting and ending at the country club.

The Country Club itself provides other benefits to members: tennis courts, a swimming pool, a putting green, a restaurant and a yacht among other amenities to come.


Construction of the Country Club started in late July of 2019, when the founders had the sufficient time and resources to begin the project. Finding a working location for the course was more of a challenge than it seemed at first, as it would need a massive area devoid of other player's bases such that it can be constructed without getting in the way of other players. Eventually a location was chosen near the south border of the world: near a large mesa and desert, which would be useful as they are biomes where it doesn't rain - which is problematic for the game mechanics of trident golf.

The clubhouse was designed by nossi_: going with a modern design, as well as incorporating some diagonal sections, ended up with a build which feels quite large and open, for a feeling of granduer. The palette mainly consists of white and grey concrete, alongside stone, dark oak and jungle woods. The area around the at first empty shell of a clubhouse quickly developed to have a putting green, tennis court and swimming pool.

Around this point construction of the course itself began (7th August), with the front 9 holes completed by the end of the month, going halfway around the mesa island. At the halfway point, between hole 9 and 10, there is now a sort of cafe building: providing a nice view over part of the mesa, as well as having a place for people to fix their elytra. The next 9 holes were completed throughout the following 4 months, with the whole course first being playable on New Year's Eve 2019-2020.

During this time, a train station was constructed at the country club: whilst still being a work in progress, it will eventually connect the Country club to Domi's area to the west, and a middle station between the CCC and Vectron's base to the east, which is the location for the planned ice-boat racing track. The line towards Domi is planned to eventually connect to the South border station via the Prosperity line (name is a WIP), providing an alternate way to get there.

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