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The Hide & Seek Lobby

Hide and Seek is a minigame on the Dogcraft server which is modeled on the Block Hunt minigame, present on other popular Minecraft servers. In Hide and Seek, players are split into two teams - Hiders and Seekers. The Seekers must find all of the Hiders in order to win the game, and vice-versa, the Hiders must outlast the Seekers in order to gain victory. The game is 10 minutes in length.

Players can access the Hide and Seek lobby by using /servers, and join a game using /join [map]. A players stats can be accessed by using /stats [name].



At the start of the game, Hiders are given the appearance of a certain block, and are given a 30 second head-start over the Seekers in which they must explore the map to find a hiding spot for that block. Once the hider has stayed in one spot for a few seconds, they will become a solid block and are indistinguishable from any other block on the map.

Starting hotbar inventory of a Hider (who is a gravel block, in this example)

Hiders are equipped with several items at the start of the game:

  • A wooden sword, with Knockback I
  • A bow and 16 arrows
  • Five firework rockets

In the right-most hotbar slot, there is also a representation of the block that the hider appears as.

These items can be used as defense mechanisms, or to taunt the seekers by pseudo-revealing the Hiders location. It is worth noting that the Seekers can be killed by Hiders using these items.


Starting hotbar inventory of a Seeker

Once assigned as a Seeker, players are teleported to their own Seeker spawnpoint where they wait for the Hiders to set-up. After this, the Seekers must attempt to identify Hiders and kill them. When they do, the Hider joins the Seekers team.

Seekers are given several items at the beginning of the game:

  • A full set of iron armour
  • An Unbreaking I diamond axe
  • A bow with Infinity and an arrow
  • Two splash potions of harming

These items are used to find and kill Hiders. When a disguised, solid Hider is hit by a Seeker, they will de-solidify and become much easier to target.

After a player of either role is killed, they will spend a short amount of time in the lobby before re-spawning as a Seeker.

Shire map


There are currently three maps for players to select from.


Shire is a large map, littered with medieval buildings among grasslands and wheat fields.

Town map


Town is a smaller map, set in a small village upon a mountain. In the center is a marketplace, and above is a bridge and tower.

Cavern map


The Cavern map has many floors, each with many piles of minerals. Seeker spawn is at the top of the map, in a tree tower. The map is a modified version of 20.png Wildfirev, 20.png Selulance, and 20.png Zhul's base, from the Survival 1 world.

Coins & Powerups

Coins are gained in various amounts by playing games of Hide and Seek. Being on the winning team at the end of the game grants a larger amount. In addition, Hiders can set off a revealing firework rocket in exchange for three coins.

Coins can be spent in the Hide and Seek lobby on upgrades:

  • For Hiding:
    • Disguise Selector! (3000 coins) - Allows you to select your disguise
    • Disguise Changer! (3000 coins) - Allows you to change your disguise while in game
    • Insta Soild! (4000 coins) - Instantly become solid
  • For Seeking:
    • Disguise Detector! (3000 coins) - Right click to detect nearby hiders
    • Infinite Speed I! (2000 coins)
    • Throwable TNT! (3000 coins) - Get some tnt that you can throw to damage hiders

Powerups are items that spawn periodically, that only Hiders can pick up. They give various single-use advantages to a Hider with one. As of November 2019, powerups only spawn during games in the Cavern map.


  • There are a few other maps in existence, however after consideration, have been discontinued.
    • The map, otherwise known as “Ship” was discontinued as players were able to escape the map.
    • Another map named Salem, has yet been able to reach circulation. Salem was a players base from survival, that was chosen to be turned into a map, however on deeper reflection, the map was too small to be playable.
  • The Hide and Seek Lobby is a replica of a Reading Cinema in New Zealand. (some liberties taken)

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