Grand Central Station (Survival 3)

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Grand Central Station
Survival 3
Sur3 Grand Central Station.png
A view of Grand Central from spawn
WorldSurvival 3
NetworkSurvival Railway Network (Survival 3)
Opened20th October, 2018
Builder(s)20.png Skelleton123
LocationX= -4422
Y= 80
Z= 12
ConnectionsMain-line connections4 

Grand Central Station (GCS), much like the Grand Central Station on Survival 2, served as the center of the Survival Railway Network on Survival 3. It had four cardinal terminals from which four cardinal lines terminate. The station also featured a Nether portal which takes you to the NTN Hub; the center of the Nether Transport Network.

Design & Location

Grand Central Station was located at the center of the world, next to the spawn point of the world at (0, 0). It, alongside the Spawn Basin of Survival 3, was built in Creative Mode prior to the release of the Survival 3 world at the request of ReNDoG himself.

The station's design was based on an aquatic theme to coincide with the new Update Aquatic. As a result, the station was positioned underwater in a drained basin alongside the rest of spawn. GCS featured a large, spiraling roof which was the highest structure in Spawn. In an adjacent building, the portal to the NTN Hub as well as the server end portal were located.

Main SRN Lines

To begin your journey down each of the four main lines of the Survival 3 world, click through to the article on their first station:


The NTN Hub

The Nether Transport Network Hub (NTN Hub), located on the nether side of Grand Central Station likewise had four cardinal terminals for the Nether Transport Network's boat-on-ice track design.The design of the hub was based on nature, with a large artificial canopy covering the roof of the nether as logs cover the walls.

A Cyberdog cog mural could be found as the floor of the hub, complete with a pickaxe and a bone, backlit by sea lanterns. Information and an exit to the nether was accessible at the four corners of the room.

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