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A view of a player's base on the Amplified World
Server World
Type1.8 Amplified World
Opened28th September, 2015
Closed20th October, 2018

Amplified was a original world on the Dogcraft server, alongside Survival, MCMMO, Skyblock and Creative. The world had the same conditions as Survival, but with Amplified terrain generation. This meant that the world featured very large mountains and was hard to explore. Originally, the world was intended to be a world exclusive to patreons of ReNDoG, hence the name of the world being "patreon_world", however the staff ultimately never went through with this.


For most of its life, Amplified had very low player numbers, and a player on the world was rare. It is reported that Amplified featured an endfarm and mall, although the warps have since been lost. The spawn layout was not user-friendly, and very little building activity was present there.

However, for a few months in mid-2017, Amplified became significantly more vibrant. This increased activity coincided with the announcement of the Survival 2 world in June of that year, and the prevailing theory is that several players decided to stop playing on the original Survival world in advance and explored other worlds.