City of Gaia

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Gaia Skyline.png

Skyline view of Isola Delle Nocci, Gaia

World Survival 4 (Husky)
Gaia Council

18.png Cookies58_
18.png dmgdog
18.png DragonFire441
18.png marbou9
18.png misterblue28
18.png nossi_
18.png RY44

Contributors Gaia Senate & Citizens
Founded 1st April, 2020
Location X=-1780
Dimension Overworld
Status Active
Railway Served by West Station
Nether Nether Transport Network
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"The aim of this city is to create something which feels alive, and has a tightly-knit community around it." DragonFire441

The City of Gaia, or simply Gaia, is an under-construction Mediterranean-style city on the Survival 4 Husky world of the Dogcraft Server. Inspired by Venice, Gaia features twisting canals cutting through a densely packed urban landscape. The city was founded on the launch day of the Survival 4 world; the 1st April 2020, by a council of people comprised of leaders of Survival 3 city projects such as Ouranos, Chronia, and Erebus.

General Layout

The main part of the city is a Venetian-style complex with canals running throughout the city creating another way for players to travel throughout. This area is positioned at the southern bay such that the south end of the city borders the sea. At this border, there is also a commercial harbor connecting the city to the outer world. Surrounding the other three fronts of the city are large granite mountains, terraformed by the Council and Senate members.


Instead of plots with a specific layout, the Council grants people more flexibility with their building areas. Because of this, people are given larger plots of land to develop within allowing them to be more creative with the shape of their structures. The intent is to create a more interesting and developed area. As always, the leadership encourages builders to stretch themselves and to try more complicated techniques, such as diagonals. Since the style of Gaia is rather specific, and to maintain a level of quality, all potential citizens (called Applicant Citizens) will be required to build a small sample of their build in creative prior to building it within Gaia in Survival.

Build Style and Theme

The style of buildings within Gaia is, as previously mentioned, Mediterranean. The general era would be Renaissance, and thus would be mostly based on terracotta, stone, sandstone, brick, etc. with less emphasis on wood as would be seen in medieval builds. Numerous reference images and ideas can be found within the #inspiration-images channel on the Gaia Discord.

The Council and Senate members have built several example buildings on Isola Delle Nocci to help show the desired style and kick-start the building process of Applicant Citizens.

Name Etymology

The Gaian Emblem

Gaia is the name of the Greek primordial goddess of the earth (being the daughter of Chaos). Naming of the city Gaia follows in the Dogcraftian tradition. The symbolism in our logo is twofold: the sun represents the Mediterranean climate, and the laurel wreath links to both the heritage of this part of the world (being a symbol used by both Romans and Greeks in antiquity), and also being a symbol of plants coming from "Mother Earth". The Blue and Orange represents the granite mountains reaching up into the blue sky.


The leadership of Gaia manifests as the Council and the Senate. The City Council Members are the main leadership of the project being responsible for Executive Duties and the overall direction of Gaia. Below them are the Senate Members who are responsible for helping manage and plan the city, as well as terraforming and building the infrastructure.

The Council Members are: 18.png DragonFire441, 18.png nossi_, 18.png Cookies58_, and 18.png RY44 from Chronia, 18.png misterblue28 from Ouranos, 18.png dmgdog from Erebus, and 18.png marbou9, the first citizen of Havana.

The Senators are: 18.png almightyanna, 18.png Arkhangellsk, 18.png Domino_1, 18.png ebi_furya, 18.png googly2002, 18.png Kingcreeper1, 18.png Skelleton123 and 18.png William278.

While this is a large group, the culmination of collective experiences leads to the creation of a city which meets the aims outlined above.


  • 29 March, 2020 - Gaia Direct Discord meeting held. This meeting laid out the groundwork for the project moving into the new Survival 4 world.
  • 1 April 2020 - Survival 4 world officially launches. The Gaia team quickly locates a suitable area West of Spawn.
  • 8 May 2020 - The City of Gaia had a soft opening where new citizens were allowed to begin claiming areas to build.
  • 16 June 2020 - 18.png William278 steps down as Council Member to become a Senator.

Progress Maps