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Scooberson Hidey Holes

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Hidey Holes: Please do not ask Scooberson about the location of Hidey Holes; they are a secret.

Scooberson Hidey Holes are hidden caves which consist of an inner and an outer chamber. The outer chamber usually takes on the form of a lush cave. The inner chamber is always a luxurious home carved into the stone. Constructed by Scooberson, Hidey holes can be distinguished by a sign over that door that "Certifies" the secret hole and numbers it.

First 1.13 hidey hole required special acknowledgement on the plaque. Photo Creds: Xandermuis

Hidey Holes are most commonly found in public server locations, however they are known to appear at player's builds and cities. Most times they are built to match the theme of its location. Currently, there are 72 hidey holes. However, when the original Survival and subsequently Survival 2 closed, many of them were lost. At the end of Survival 3 the total number was at 69. As of October 2021, the count now lies at 75. Only a small handful of hidey holes exist currently, however some can be found in some of the world downloads available here on the wiki.

"One of the reasons I make these Hidey-Holes, is because I love the reactions people have when they make a discovery. I want to encourage people to explore and give them the ability to experience that sense of discovery for themselves." Scooberson

Hidey Hole Standards

Hidey Holes are constructed with a standard method in mind. This is intentional to maintain a distinct style to allow easy recognition. However, it's worth noting that the Hidey Holes "evolve" over time. Some elements you may find inside may not be the same as older ones. These "evolutions" have historically taken place at the start of new worlds, or when new versions introduce something useful to the design.

The Outer Chamber

Outer chamber of a standard Hidey Hole

The outer chamber is constructed in the form of a lush cave. The size of this cave will vary by locations and Scooberson's time dedicated to the project. This chamber is usually the same with minor variations made to the palette.

The walls are always constructed using a palette of the following blocks and their stair, slab and wall variants if applicable:

  • Gravel
  • Andesite
  • Stone
  • Moss Stone
  • Cobble Stone

The floors of the chamber usually have grass covered with tall grass, blue orchids, alliums, rose bushes and lilacs among other flora. A path from the entrance leads to the door to the Inner chamber.

The outer chamber also always includes water in some form, whether it's a pool or a stream. The water generally has sugarcane and lily pads. As of 1.13 the water pools became more intricate and included waterlogged walls, stairs and slabs, as well as sea pickles. These pools can also come in a lava variant for nether hidey holes.

The Inner Chamber

An image of a typical inner chamber, this one takes on an elongated shape and has multiple levels.

The inner chamber is constructed in the form of, as some have put it, a luxurious or cozy cave home. This chamber is incredibly diverse in the form it takes as the chamber is normally themed to the location that the hidey hole is built.

The inner chamber usually features a secondary "room" for a bed and the entryway also usually has a small platform with stairs into the main room. Stairs typically have a organic curved slope.

The standard wall palette of the inner chamber is the following:

  • Stone Brick and all its variants
  • Stone Brick slabs and stairs
  • Polished Andesite
  • Stone
  • Stone slabs
  • Smooth stone blocks (Some public Hidey Holes only)
2019-04-21 13.44.17.png

Other standards of the inner chamber include:

  • Bed
  • Dark oak door
  • Dark oak floor
  • At least one chest
  • At least one furnace
  • Crafting Table
  • Anvil
  • Ender Chest
  • Jukebox
  • Paintings
  • Brick Fireplace
  • Bookshelves
  • Red Carpet
  • Flower Pots with various plants (Except Orange Tulips)
  • Lanterns for Lighting (Originally End Rods)

Other common features, but not required in hidey holes, usually include a table with chairs, player/mob heads and armor stands featuring cheap to craft armor. At the start of Sur4, a workstation has been introduced as a common feature, which is usually composed of a small section of wooden wall with a counter, barrels and a crafting table.


The first Hidey Hole, A simple room hidden under a storm drain in Sur1 spawn city. Very few found it and left a sign.

The original hidey hole was constructed in Survival 1's Spawn and is still accessible by the world download that is available through this wiki.

However, this hidey hole looks nothing like they do today as at the time, Scooberson had not even created the idea. This hidey hole was hardly ever found and up until Survival's last days, its creator rarely spoke about it, primarily because he didn't want to spoil the fun of finding the original.

Hidey Holes didn't officially become a process until the 41st, which was located at Wildfirev's and MuuMuuFace's Beacon Project, at the time the hidey hole consisted of one chamber, merging both types of chambers together with a outer chamber wall and an inner chamber decor. It is the only one of its kind.

Since #41 the standards listed above came into effect and have guided the construction of them. As of the closing of Sur1 and 2, Quasi's district (#54) was the last hidey hole of those worlds.

List of lost Hidey Holes

Survival 1

No. Location Coordinates Details
1 Spawn (841, 66, 545) Hidden under a storm drain near the dark oak forest.
2 Spawn (879, 63, 545) Secret little room behind jayISDIAMOND's hot tub, shared with him.


Various places N/A Various rooms and locations that were not offically built. They were either marked out, or a simple room with little decor.
39 SummerFlower1234's base (122379, 65, -275647) A dog house on Summer's base.
41 Wildfirev's base (3699, 61, 29202) Hidden under a bridge at wild's and muu's beacon project.
44 Simply_Simon's base (1838, 70, -1490) Hidden in the forest behind Simon's base.
47 Spooktober Event (129912, 75, -446679) Atop the hill near the front door. Built for the Spooktober event.

Survival 2

No. Location Coordinates Details
45 Spawn (-1709, 52, 2484) Located in the thieves den. Accessalble by a beam higher up. Has the largest outer chamber (the den itself) of any hidey hole.
46 Wildfirev and SimplySimon's base. (22510, 63, 27145) Near jumpy's grave, not very well hidden.
48 Rustbite's base N/A Never built, but planned.
49 Survival 2 Mall (-2205, 55, 8994) Hidden in the yellow minimall hub, Enter mound in the middle, on the left. Contains Moo Blart, Mall cow. 
51 RTAcubed's Base (-13732, 12, 14113) RTA's Base, tucked in the corner of the big room downstairs, Features a jail, per RT's Police officer roleplay on the server
52 Colours Event (-15803, 61, 10063) Set up in the colors event area, entrance is in the flower forest.
53 End Build (-14, 31, 64) The Ghost Hidey Hole, the last of its kind in build team projects, sealed behind a wall on the end island, inaccessable without mod powers.
54 Quasi's District (-2233, 58, 2413) Under a bridge, living space features diorite patches. first ever dual entrance cave.

Survival 3

No. Location Coordinates Details
55 2nd Hub (-97, 99, -6) Entrance under nether fort. Same hub as 42, but made during the 1.13 update. First Hidey hole with watervators.
56 Spawn (17, 35, 40) Entrance on tunnel support, underwater theme. Found using new swimming mechanics
57 2018 Xmas Area (-17335, 63, 19680) Entrance in frozen waterfall, Snow themeed with special ornament heads
58 Mall (-1541, 31, 44) Located at the Sur3 mall, hidden in the ravine between the orange and green districts
59 2018 New Years Area (-52473, 140, 15924) Hidden in a smokestack in the back of the titanic
60 End Farm (526, 54, 45) Hidden behind the painting in the gallery, must shift to enter
61 Pigman Farm ( N/A ) Barrier Path from a glowstone arrow. Features a netherbrick floor and a view into the end's void
64 Home Tree (517, 72, -4497) In the back of the interior of the home tree. Through the gate, all the way back
65 Ouranos (5436, 76, 2138) Hidden in the corner of the town hall, requires 2 buttons to open.
66 2019 Easter Area (-839, 64, 11184) Hidden behind the waterfall at the 2019 easter event.
67 Chronia (4653, 62, -11744) Edge of wheat field, near the rosebushes
68 2019 Halloween Area (-14283, 64, 5155) Base of the hill under the manor kitchen.
69 2019 Xmas Area (-538684, 51, 208032) Hidden near the construction tower. Outside the park.

Miscellaneous Areas

No. Location Coordinates Details
40 First iteration of Server Hub N/A Lies outside worldborder, Hidey hole lost in the big hack of 2016. Cannot Rebuild.
43 Nitro UHC original deathmatch arena. N/A Hidden under a lava pool in iskalls side of the arena. Hidey Hole is incorrectly named as it was built before I started numbering them, wasn't able to edit sign once I did
50 Patreon Server (123, 60, 39) Hidden in a retaining wall near the spawnpoint, is also a build team breakroom with rooms for all who participated.

Miscellaneous Information

A "Marbou was here" orange tulip. Each hidey hole will feature one in an item frame and one in a flowerpot.

Hidey Hole Outposts

Sometimes Scooberson is asked by others to build a hidey hole outside of DC for a special purpose. These Hidey Holes will usually be constructed in the normal style at the time it was built. As of October 2019, there are only two of these special Hidey Holes. One was built for GentlemanGnu to use as a special generated structure in her modpack, ZooKeepr. The other was built for kimandjax for an adventure map she was building.

Tulip Traditions

As of Survival 3, marbou9 begun leaving a tulip in each hidey hole as an indication of his visitations. As a result, Scooberson now leaves an empty flowerpot for him to place a second orange tulip in. This is why orange tulips will be exempted from use in flowerpots and planted during construction.

Trinkets of Discovery

Similar to marbou9's tulip tradition, players have begun leaving trinkets in the chests of the hidey holes to indicate their visitations as well. This tradition began in the first 1.13 hidey hole and has continued since.

"I really enjoy the trinkets people leave behind, it tells me that someone has made a discovery that day." Scooberson

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