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Members 18.png endorwitch

18.png Summerflower1234

SUP is a group of players on the Dogcraft Server...

Mission Statement

To protect unicorns on the server

To bring uni-kind to all corners of the server.

What does SUP stand for?

  • Society for Unicorn Protection
  • Senior Unicorn Professors
  • Silly Unicorn Project
  • Sisterhood of the Unicorn Pants O.o
  • other unicornish acronyms

SUP Origins

Late 2019 spawn was decorated with many gorgeous Xmas decorations, including tree ornaments. One was a cute chibi unicorn. Resident cute-things enthusiast 18.png endorwitch declared it to be gorgeous and made her way up the water drop to reach the unicorn.

When she stood upon the unicorn finally, she sent a message in chat:

"Alert: I am on the Unicorn, and I am not leaving!"

This amused 18.png summerflower1234 greatly, and she made her way to spawn to behold this unicorn blessing for herself. She joined Endor on the unicorn and spent many hours (maybe 1) speaking sternly to anyone who spoke out against the precious creature. They formed a plan to spread uni-kind around the server, first seeking permission of the unicorns creator - 18.png oldmanlp85 - to replicate its form.

And thus, SUP was born.


Let the horn guide you to true happiness


Valentine's day Migration

For Valentine's Day 2020, the unicorns decided to take a vacation in spawn. 26 friends decided to join "Steve," including the big momma pegasus, Endor.

As with any animal migration, caution should be taken for both your safety and the animal's, as such, a warning was posted outside of the spawn B&B that read: DANGER—Spawn is facing a unicorn stampede—Tread fabulously.