South Line (Survival 3)

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The South Line of the SRN led South from Spawn and Grand Central Station, connecting in order to South, Coconut, Snowman, Barrier, Neon, Tower, and Luxor Stations. The long-term goal for the line was to connect to South Border Station, with stations situated approximately every 1500 blocks apart.

South Line was the only SRN line to have had two managers. Marbou9 oversaw the construction of the line all the way to Snowman Station before handing the baton over to Mrs_Diss, who finished construction of Snowman Station and brought the line all the way to Luxor Station. Construction of additional tracks and stations was an ongoing project.

South Line Stations

South Border Station

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Built by Brogaman and rising like a netherbrick tree out of the ocean, South Border Station was the ultimate destination of the South Line. It was separated from the rail line by over 12000 blocks, but it represented the scale and ambition of the SRN project.

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