South Station (Survival 3)

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South Station
South Station.png

The South Station rising over the countryside.

World Survival 3
Network Survival Railway Network (Survival 3)
Line South Line
Location X=12
Builder(s) c369c1dd-f285-43bb-b268-08a8c7876aa5?size=20.png Marbou9
Opened 11th November 2018
Station Stats
N° of Main Lines 2
N° of Branch Lines 1 Dogcraft Ice Boat League

South Station was the first station on the South Line leaving from Grand Central Station. South Station stood on a steep cliff overlooking the spawn ocean. It was built in the style of a pagoda, with red terracotta walls and cobblestone roofs wrapping around the main building on every floor. It's imposing height and position atop a cliff gave it an almost fortress like appearance. An annex in the same style was later added by Mrs_Diss to provide space for branch line connections.

South Line

Branch Lines

South Station Photo Gallery

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