Coconut Station

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Coconut Station
Survival 3
Coconut Station.png
Coconut Station with the adjoining SRN Spleef arena.
WorldSurvival 3
NetworkSurvival Railway Network (Survival 3)
LineSouth Line
Opened14th March, 2019
Builder(s)20.png marbou9
LocationX= -63
Y= 72
Z= 2571
ConnectionsMain-line connections2 Branch connections1 Lakewood Station

Coconut Station was the second station on the South Line after leaving South Station.

Coconut Station lied on an island a small distance from the mainland. It was an airy, open construction with a leafy pergola roof reflecting the implied warm climate. Adjoining the station stood the SRN Spleef Arena, part of the Dogcraft Spleef League. Like South Station, Coconut Station also later received an annex to provide space for branch lines.

Coconut Station Photo Gallery