Snowman Station

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Snowman Station
World Survival 3
Network Survival Railway Network (Survival 3)
Line South Line
Location X=45
Builder(s) 20.png marbou9, 20.png Mrs_Diss
Opened 9th August, 2019
Station Stats
N° of Main Lines 2
N° of Branch Lines 1 Toltec Towers

2 SW Winter Line

Snowman Station was the third stop on the South Line after leaving Coconut Station.

As its name implied, Snowman Station took the form of a gigantic snowman standing on a hilltop in a large tundra biome, with the main and branch line platforms situated within its belly. Paradoxically, the inside of the station was formed of a tropical beach, with palm trees and a population of turtles surrounding a warm lagoon. The branch line to Toltec Towers opened just days after the station itself was opened, and was the first ever branch line on the South Line, over all 3 survival worlds.

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Branch Lines

Snowman Station Photo Gallery


  • The snowman itself stood 86 blocks tall from base to the top of its hat.
  • The bottom sphere was a massive 45 blocks wide.
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