Snowman Station

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Snowman Station
Survival 3
WorldSurvival 3
NetworkSurvival Railway Network (Survival 3)
LineSouth Line
Opened9th August, 2019
Builder(s)20.png marbou9, 20.png Mrs_Diss
LocationX= 45
Y= 104
Z= 4153
ConnectionsMain-line connections2 Branch connections2 Toltec Towers, SW Winter Line

Snowman Station was the third stop on the South Line after leaving Coconut Station.

As its name implied, Snowman Station took the form of a gigantic snowman standing on a hilltop in a large tundra biome, with the main and branch line platforms situated within its belly. Paradoxically, the inside of the station was formed of a tropical beach, with palm trees and a population of turtles surrounding a warm lagoon. The branch line to Toltec Towers opened just days after the station itself was opened, and was the first ever branch line on the South Line, over all 3 survival worlds.

Snowman Station Photo Gallery


  • The snowman itself stood 86 blocks tall from base to the top of its hat.
  • The bottom sphere was a massive 45 blocks wide.