Luxor Station

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Luxor Station
Survival 3
WorldSurvival 3
NetworkSurvival Railway Network (Survival 3)
LineSouth Line
OpenedMarch 2020
Builder(s)20.png Mrs_Diss
LocationX= -320
Y= 58
Z= 11007
ConnectionsMain-line connections1 Branch connections0

Luxor Station was the seventh and final stop on the South Line after leaving Tower Station. With the completion of Luxor Station, the South Line officially had the most number of Stations, at 7. The West line had 6 and North and East each had 5 stations.

Luxor Station was an impressive pyramid built primarily out of Quartz Stairs with Gold Block Accents and multiple beacons. The four lit beacons at the top were all max level and provided Jump Boost II, Speed II, Haste II, Resistance, and Regeneration.

Long-term goals were to continue pushing the line south to meet up with the South Border Station. However, with the announcement of the Survival 4 World Reset, this project was never completed.

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