SW Winter Line

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SW Winter Line
Build Battles Station.png

Build Battles Station, a station which served the Valentines and Halloween Build Battles area.

Type SRN Branch Line
World(s) Survival 3
Project Leader(s) 20.png expedtadam
Status Defunct

The SW Winter Line was a Survival Railway Network branch line in the southwest region of the Survival 3 world. It was intended to link up the southwestern areas of the server to encourage development of this quadrant which was perceived to be lesser in population.


The SW Winter Line was first conceived by 20.png expedtadam after he noticed that the southwestern area of the SRN map was noticeably empty. To make the southwest of the server more connected, expedtadam drew plans showing hypothetical links to locations on the map. The project was largely inspired by the NW Avalanche Line and the developmental roads of outback Australia.



Holiday station location
Holiday Station

Holiday Station was originally a planned station connecting Relleka and Jello stations. It was expected to be a viewing platform in Holiday City's winter area. However, due to time constraint, its location only served as a scenery changing point between Relleka and Jello Station.

Jello station
Jello Station

Located in a swamp area, Jello station had its surroundings transformed into a beach, the slime beach. It was an underground station embedded in Holiday City's summer area. Travelling from Relleka station and passing through the snow biome, the rail changed from wooden to glass, mimicking a ride through air. There were colorful hot air balloons accompanying the travel. It was built by 20.png StenLLuk .

Meander Station
Meander Station

Built by expedtadam, Meander station was inspired by open air marshland dwellings. Additional help for the station came from maltj465. The name of the station was derived from the winding natural terrain generation similar to meanders and billabongs. South of Meander, on the line to Cloud Station, was a musical railway which played Bach’s Crab Cannon from "The Musical Offering" built by 20.png expedtadam.


Cantina Station

This station was designed by Lolzman42 and was based on the Mos Eisley Cantina featured in the film "Star Wars - A New Hope" as if it were in a plains biome.

Build Battles Station

Built by 20.png expedtadam, the station served the location of the February 2019 and August 2019 Build Battles. The build was designed to take in design elements from both battles, featuring red colours representing both “Valentines Day” and “nightmare”.

Build Battles Station
“Aeghu” Station

Built by Aeghu at his base.

This station was still under construction at the end of Survival 3.

Steampunk Station

Built by 20.png SummerFlower1234 and 20.png TwiceTheDice using a futuristic style.

This station was still under construction at the end of Survival 3.

Meander-Ratanga Junction

Cloud Station

Built by 20.png mr_e12345 using a design based on a ski resort, notable for its large bridge.

Edgecliff Station
Edgecliff Station

Built by 20.png expedtadam using a design with a semi-arid tent as inspiration. Contained an unused Branch Line connection reserved for Skelleton123.

Safari Station

Built by 20.png expedtadam, it was designed to be a discreet watching post in which guests could observe animals. This station was built by 20.png NateUnknownMC.

Ratanga Junction

The station for Ratanga Junction, designed by mr_e12345 and built by 20.png Pigeon_Confirmed and 20.png fangsofamber, served as the jumping off point for future expansions, namely to Smokey Cove.

Bastion Glace-Meander

Everec Station

Built by 20.png Nonium, Everec Station served as 20.png Brinicio's base and connection to the town of Everec. It contained a private railway connection to expedtadam’s base.

Wilder Station

Built by 20.png splittingadams, it was situated at his base. It is named “Wilder” after the late famous actor Gene Wilder. To the north was a tunnel splittingadams decorated in an extremely ornate way.