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Survival 4 Beagle
Alina logo test 3 1.png
Logo of the City of Alina
WorldSurvival 4 (Beagle)
Founded15th of March 2020
Mayor(s)20.png TrainerMoon
20.png expedtadam
20.png Txp_
Contributors20.png dmgdog
20.png ThatRoger
20.png Chrispello1995
LocationX= 2980
Y= 64
Z= -300

Alina was a city on the Survival 4 Beagle world of the Dogcraft Server. Alina was founded on the 15th of March 2020 by 20.png TrainerMoon, 20.png expedtadam and 20.png Txp_. The city was the older brother of the former city Erebus on Survival 3. Alina was a city of brightness, with a colourful palette and flowers everywhere you look, hence why the city was named Alina, meaning sun ray in ancient Greek.


This is a map of Alina's location

Long before Erebus, there once was a city called Alina. It was old but very colorful, and had a very happy atmosphere. But one day, a crazy local scientist with an unknown name made a huge mistake. He created a curse that would haunt the city forever. Therefore, all the citizens had to flee, to the End! They created Erebus and lived a happy life after all. But three stubborn inhabitants of Erebus, didn鈥檛 like the end a single bit. They made a time machine and went back to the glorious days of Alina.

Alina News

Alina had its own YouTube channel too. Recordings of events and announcements were posted there.

Furthermore, episodes of The Alina News were released on that channel. The Alina News was a series of videos on the channel, founded by 20.png Txp_. Together with the other members of the team, they created a broadcast featuring all the latest events that happened in and around Alina. A total of three episodes of The Alina News were made. The channel also broadcasted the launch of the ASA rocket. (more on the ASA below)

Alina Space Administration

A view of the booster Helios 1

See also: Dogcraft Space Association

On the 1st June 2020, Mayor of Alina Txp founded the ASA, the Alina Space Administration. Together with administrators Expedtadam and TrainerMoon, they had big plans for space flight on Dogcraft. The administration was made up of the three Alina mayors. Former builder, 20.png TigerNL, was the ASA Director of Infrastructure, and 20.png JarrydG_ZA and 20.png dmgdog were both ASA Astronauts. The ASA had one main mission, Helios 1. (Helios 1 was named after the personification of the sun in ancient Greek.) This was in theme with the name Alina itself. The main goal of the mission was to get the two trained astronauts into space and be the first Cyberdogs in history to do so.

The mission consisted of four steps. The first was the launch of the Helios 1 booster. This would propel Jarryd and Dmg at a speed of 7.9 kilometres per second (4.9 miles), also known as orbital velocity. At a height of roughly 96 km (60 miles), the ship would reach the Karman line, making them officially the first Cyberdogs in space. At this stage, the booster would detach from the main capsule. This would have enough velocity to reach a height of around 160 km (100 miles). Stage 3 would be the return of the capsule to earth. On stage 4, the capsule and crew would be safely recovered and Helios 1 would be concluded a success.

The Alina Space administration planned their first rocket launch for December 24th 2022, however due to some technical issues with the booster this was postponed. Fortunately, the launch was able to be carried out shortly before the closing of Survival 4 and a recording of the launch was uploaded to the Alina Youtube channel on March 16th 2022 and can be found here.

Tourist guide

Ever wanted to visit Alina, but you're afraid to miss things? Well this is the guide for you! To use this guide to its full capacity, please head over to World Downloads to find a download for Alina.

Let's start in the beginning, assuming you arrive via one of the SRN lines leading to our city, the first thing you will see is Alina Station. This stunningly colorful build is definitely worth taking some pictures of!

Leaving the station from the west most exit (City Hall Exit), you will find the city's town hall right in front of you. But before going there, why not take a breather in the massive main park around the SRN station? This beauty of a park is often considered the heart of the city, or as I like to call it, the lungs of Alina. And that is for a reason: the trees, ponds and other vegetation here is just wild. A perfect location for a picnic I'd say!

Once you've filled your stomach with food during a lovely park picnic, it is time to move on. Leaving the park on the west side you will find yourself right in front of the town hall. This impressive building was the first structure to go up, therefore, it's also the oldest building in the city! Entering the building you can find a big map of the city area right below your feet. Most parts of the building however are not accessible to the public and are used only by the city team. From here, there are numerous ways you can go. For this tour, we will continue to go west towards the coastline. Leaving the town hall via the west staircases you will end up in Jasmin street, following this north we end up at our next destination.

The Alina coastline is a very diverse place. On the west side is the more industrial region, where you will find massive cargo freights shipping goods to and from Alina. On the North side, however, things are a bit more tourist-friendly. With a stunning beach and the best cafes in the region, this is probably the best place to spend your Friday evening.

Continuing our journey east, right next to the beach you will find the Alina Court House. With its two statues on both sides of the building, this is one of the most iconic locations in the city.

Then finally, at the east end of the park, there is the Alina post office. The perfect place to send a card to friends and family.

And that concludes the tour, but remember, there is much more to see in Alina, so take a walk on your own and be amazed by the things you might find!

Background Takeshi by Edo