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Survival 4 Mall
Survival 4
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WorldSurvival 4
Builder(s)Build Team

The Mall was a staff created and sanctioned commercial district. They have been created in every Survival world of the server. The Survival 4 Mall utilized the UltimateShops plugin to facilitate a marketplace for items that can be found in Minecraft. Items could be bought and sold in Mall shops using either Dogcraft Dollars, the servers currency, or item bartering, a new feature of the shop plugin. More information on this process can be found here.


During the early days of Survival 4 in April 2020, players raced to open their own unofficial shopping districts as had become the regular pattern. These appeared on both Beagle and Husky. During this time, the build team was busy constructing the official server mall.

Whilst previous iterations of server malls were all open aired plots, this time, the mall was set in a true ‘Mall’ design, reminiscent of real life examples.

On the 20th May 2020, it was announced that a new mall was now available. In a similar style to the Survival 4 multi-world setup, the mall was on its very own world for the first time. It was accessible by using the command /servers and by selecting the mall option which was signified by a chest icon. The mall opened with 2 floors of shopping experiences. With 132 shops per floor, and a third floor to be opened if more shops were required, a total of 396 shop plots were available, the most of any DogCraft mall. Each plot was 17x17x9, and built out of bone blocks by default.

Another feature of the new mall was that plots were adjoining, so that two players could join their plots for a mega shop. Although, this was only advised if all the spaces were to be used for shopping, so as to discourage empty wasted spaces.

The mall also featured an outdoor area, filled with all the most notable shops from around the globe, including Best! Block!, and the Mole Mart! The Events shop located on one corner plot in the mall's center rotated holiday-specific merchandise. Across from it was a mini block shop called Warm Gossip. Previously unreleased mini blocks were introduced here on a weekly recurring basis before they were transferred to the Mole Mart.

During this time, the wider introduction of staff heads created several businesses that sold them, notably 20.png Colliecolie. Hailing from previous mall runs, 20.png jmsvvr, 20.png JVKermit, and 20.png MaxMoneyAWA consolidated to form the Y21 shops, dominating the mall as the one-stop-shop for their replete range of products.

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