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Known as: Domino#3355 (discord)

Domino (wiki)
Domino_1 (ingame & website)

Joined 2016 Oct 28th
Actvity Semi-Active
Server Rank [CyberDog]
Further Roles
 ⬤  Wiki Admin 

 ⬤  Discord Moderator 
Member of: Wiki Administrators,
Chronia (Survival 3), Erebus Police Force,
Gaia (Discord) (Survival 4),
Hydropolis (Survival 2)

Former member of:
Dogcraft Court (Bailiff & Clerk

Server Information
Builds Survival 4:
North Station (Beagle), Northwestern Pre-Mall Shopping District (Husky)
Survival 3:
Domino's Ruined Lighthouse (Chronia), Spawn house, Spawn Library (Group project), Neptune Publishing (Ouranos)
Survival 2:
Domino's house (Akkara), Havanian Basilica (Roman District), Redstone Event Contribution, several other minor builds
Survival 1:
Ruined Death Star (Spawn home), Oracle's Cave (near Something Summer event), Majorka Tunnel, Mount Sanctuary
Projects Survival 3 Spawn Development,
Dogcraft Tour Guide (Survival 2)
Bases Mount Sanctuary (Survival 1),
Ancient Greek Town (Survival 2),
Domino's Depot (Survival 3)
Accomplishments Contributor to organising the Dogcraft 5 year Anniversary event (Discord),

Spawn Build Competition (Survival 3),
Creator of the Dogcraft Tour Guide (Surival 2)

Hello, I'm Domino, and I'm a player on the Dogcraft server (ingame I go by 20.png Domino_1 70.png Username: Domino
Activity: Active

About: I am a player on the Dogcraft server, and an Admin on the Dogcraft Wiki. I like building stuff that has a story! Edit this templateWIP User page

). I first joined the server during Survival 1, and have continued to play since then, altough recently I have not had that much time for minecraft. I'm also one of the Admins for this wiki. If you need help with anything, or want to talk, feel free to send a message over on Discord (domino#3355)!