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Joined 2016 Oct 28th
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Chronia (Discord)
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Accomplishments Creator of the Dogcraft Tour Guide (Surival 2)
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Hey, I'm Domino, and I'm a player on the Dogcraft server. On the server, I usualy hang around multiple different projects, like my base, Spawn, or Chronia sometimes. I'm also one of the Admins for this wiki, so if you need help with anything, feel free to send a message here, over on Discord (domino#3355) or a mail on the server! (Domino_1)

18.png Domino_1 70.png Username: Domino
Activity: Active

About: I am a player on the Dogcraft server, and an Admin on the Dogcraft Wiki. I like building stuff that has a story! Edit this template User page