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Joined2nd June, 2016
Server Rank[discordheadmod]
Member of:Staff Team
ProjectsDogcraft Wiki
BasesLackria (sur1)
Akkara (sur2)
Ouranos (sur3)
Umaru (sur4)
Million Wheat Project (sur6)

Hello, I'm William! I'm the founder and a Wiki Administrator of the Dogcraft Wiki as well as a Discord Head Mod alongside googly2002. I've led a number of community projects over the years, including this Wiki; cities such as Lackria, Akkara, and Ouranos; the SRN East Line; and presently the Discord Staff team.


  • player since June 2016
  • Founder & Mayor of Lackria (Survival 1)
  • Founder & Mayor of Akkara (Survival 2)
  • Founder & Mayor of Ouranos (Survival 3)
  • Founding Council Member, then Senator of Gaia (Survival 4)
  • Founder & Mayor of Umaru (Survival 4)
  • Builder of the Million Wheat Project (Survival 6)
  • Founder and Wiki Admin of the Dogcraft Wiki
  • Survival Railway Network East Line Manager from September 2018 to May 2020
  • Server [ChatMod] from April 2019 to July 2019
  • Server [Mod] from July 2019 to June 2020
  • Events Team Leader between 2019-2021, organizing Saturday Nitro Live among others
  • Head of the Dogcraft Media Team from 2022.
  • Editor-in-Chief of the CDNN since late 2023.
  • Discord Head Mod since June 2020
  • Developer for since 2022


I joined the Dogcraft forums in late 2015, after earning a spot on the Dogolith in ReNDoG's Let's Play Survival world. However, I wouldn't join the server until May of the next year, where I joined during a Stream Town live stream from the server. I enjoyed my time during the live stream so returned a few weeks later on the 2nd of June, 2016 and from that point forth I have continued to play on Dogcraft (with periods of inactivity) ever since.

Lackria and Survival 1

The gardens of Lackria

When playing Minecraft, my favorite thing to do is lead a community, so the first thing I did (aside from bothering 20.png _edo and 20.png darparniox about building North Station!) on Dogcraft was establish Lackria alongside fellow player 20.png SENsationals02, a plot-based town on the Survival 1 world. The town would quickly grow to prominence thanks to its positioning along the SRN (and my constant inviting of players to it in chat!) and would become the first major player-built, player-led settlement on the server, especially after ReNDoG toured the town on a base tour video.

Akkara and Survival 2

Temples of Akkara

Lackria would last until the end of the Survival 1 world, where it would go on to inspire towns such as Havana and Akkara in 2017 (the latter of which I would lead alongside my neighbor in Lackria, 20.png LAK3RS), which themselves would have a significant impact on the culture of the server in Survival 2 and future worlds.

In late June 2018, I founded this Wiki in response to my conclusion that Dogcraft had no proper method to recording its history in the long-term and that the decline of the forums had meant that documentation of the server was in a worse state than ever. The wiki was originally a FANDOM (formerly Wikia) site, but due to its popularity myself and newly appointed admin darparniox submitted a formal proposal to ReNDoG to make the Wiki an official part of the community, which was accepted and by May 2020 was fully implemented. Also during mid-2018, following the resignation of 20.png Aeghu as East Line Manager of the SRN, I offered to take the role and from 2018 to 2020 I was responsible for leading construction of the eastern branch of the public rail system, through Survival 2 and Survival 3. 2018 was not a flawless year, however. The messy internal launch of the Survival 3 world and my own doubts about the founding of Deliverance caused me to take a hiatus when the Survival 3 world launched.

Ouranos and Survival 3

The skyline of Ouranos City

During 2019, though, I came back swinging, founding the town of Ouranos with 20.png misterblue28 as a last resort blank slate, which paid off tremendously, leading to some of my best memories of the server during "The Chase" game show event I held in the town. During this year I also took up a number of important positions. Firstly, I joined the staff team officially as a [ChatMod] and later that summer full [Mod] in April of that year after being promoted from one of the first to hold the Helper rank. I also accepted the role of Events Team Member following successes in leading events such as Akkara City Opening Day (which ReNDoG himself attended) and Ouranos Day.

Gaia, Umaru and Survival 4

Inside Umaru's unfinished town hall

In mid 2020 and following the launch of the Survival 4 worlds, my enthusiasm for the server dwindled a little after several years of fairly continual play, leading to me taking a step back from my staff team roles as Mod and role as SRN East Line Manager, and later on my role as Events Leader. I also stepped down as a leader of Gaia, a city I was a key part in founding and conceptualizing. In place of these roles, I was offered Discord Head Mod in June 2020, which I accepted, becoming a member of the Dogcraft leadership team. Despite not having the most playtime on Dogcraft as some players, or even perhaps having the most impressive builds on Dogcraft, I maintain my passion for the wonderful community, which I hope to express through being a "community project first" player.

Survival 5 and behind-the-scenes

I took more of a step back from playing on the Dogcraft Server during Survival 5 to focus on some of my own projects and real-life shenanigans such as plugin development. Behind the scenes on Dogcraft, however, I remain very involved with the community operations, such as continuing my work here on the Wiki, the Website and Discord, as well as managing the community social feeds on Twitter and YouTube and developing plugins for the server. I also worked closely with the revived CDNN team to continue promoting that project.

During the run-up to Survival 6 I worked as a developer to introduce the new age verification system to Dogcraft, alongside a whole host of other server plugins.

Survival 6 - present

I'm currently basing with 20.png marbou9 to terraform a wheat field in north-Sheltie on Survival 6.