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City of Havana

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City of Havana
Survival 2
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Ren Statue.png
Westgate road.png
Clockwise from top: Grand Central Station seen from the harbour, ReNDoG's statue, Mediterranean buildings on Westgate road
WorldSurvival 2
Founded2nd September, 2017
Mayor(s)20.png _edo,
20.png Brianetta,
20.png darparniox
20.png Aeghu,
20.png FredRaket,
20.png marbou9,
20.png Sam_Argos,
20.png Skelleton123
LocationX= -1850
Y= 64
Z= 4200
TransportSRN Grand Central Station

Havana was a prominent city in the Survival 2 world. It was founded on September 2nd 2017, the same day the Survival 2 world was launched. It is located ~1500 blocks south of Spawn and can be easily reached via the railway track departing from Spawn Station. In Havana players would arrive at Grand Central Station which was the centre of the SRN and the NTN. Havana also provided the basic needs for the starting player: food, wood, stone, maps (Great Survival Map project), enchanting, etc.


The stylistic objective of Havana was to create a urban, dense and 'lived-in' city with a summery and welcoming atmosphere. There was no intention to replicate real life Havana, but several aspects have been used as inspiration.

Building topography regulations are in place to achieve this:

  • Buildings must be built without gaps between them, unless otherwise discussed. Frequently, blind walls are required.
  • Buildings must consider their surroundings before themselves.
  • Multi-story buildings are recommended.
  • Green-space should be limited and deliberate - 'spare' space should be occupied by urban features.

Aesthetic ideas are suggested to achieve this:

  • Modern era - 19th and 20th century architecture.
  • 21st century, Art Deco, or Neo-Gothic elements may fit.
  • Bright colours! Usually, through terracotta or concrete.
  • Warm and summery palette/elements. Eg. Sandstone, parrots, palm trees, etc..

City Management

Famous ReNDoG statue on the savanna hill of Havana

Havana had a unique management style and citizenship process. The city was founded on being holistic and inclusive. These principles manifested in many ways.

Decisions were made considering as many opinions as possible, which meant that discussions were usually long and extensive. This ensured that the city was created cohesively, but discussion often became exhaustive and left members temporarily demotivated. Havana was occasionally criticized for being too slow to react or too bureaucratic.

The citizenship process involved creating a public build and making sure it fit the city. This often involved discussion on the build itself, then a design process in creative, before the build was made in Survival 2. The process was a heavy ask for new citizens compared to the processes of other cities. No fee was in place to start building, which meant that there was a low barrier to entry to start an application, but a high barrier to finish that application. The result was many unfinished or slightly unsatisfactory builds throughout the city, which would take extra effort from the council to fix retrospectively.

Ultimately, the management practices of the city meant a lot of extra work for citizens and council/mayors, but it is unlikely that the unique feel of the city would be present without them.


Very first sketch of Havana layout, by _edo, in June 2017


Havana was conceptualized in June 2017 primarily by _edo, with Brianetta and darparniox. The city was born as a response to the wider Spawn area, after the trio held frustrations during the building of Spawn Station as a SRN delegation. Havana was intended to be a much more practical and cohesive settlement than Spawn.

Plans for the city centre were refined and building styles experimented with in the following month. Skelleton123 and then Aeghu were recruited during this process and the city centre was almost entirely finalized by mid-August and ready for Survival 2 launch.

Early Days and the New Year

The initial Havana builders team

Survival 2 launched on the 2nd of September 2017 and construction of the city began immediately. The central plaza, Noob Square, and a temporary base underneath were the first to be built. The iconic 'Ren Mountain' statue, Grand Central Station, and Havana City Hall were all complete or close to it nearing the end of September. Activity had begun in the desert industrial area of the city. Two iron farms were built by marbou9, who became the first citizen of the city and would join the city council soon after.

Before the end of the year, the recognizable Havana Promenade was built, as well as the beginnings of the city block alongside it, with many urban builds, such the El Floridita cafe. Three brothers, herocreep221, heroblaze224 and ScaryMJDiamcreep built an awkward cookie factory in the north which was later remedied somewhat by a design overhaul. A zoo further west had been laid out with some inhabitants, bathhouses were built in the east, and the first embassy of another city was built by the Akkaran mayors.

Building activity was steady but slowly declined in the following four months. Large builds included botanical gardens that were built next to the zoo, the SRN's Headquarters in the city centre, Havana Library opened, as well as the Art Museum with all Minecraft paintings.

Post Base-tour Rush

Westgate road buildings, during the base tour rush

The first server base tours for Survival 2 with ReNDoG were recorded on the 21ˢᵗ of April, with Skelleton123, darparniox and marbou9 as tour guides. The Havana base tour was the first video to be released onto Youtube on the 24ᵗʰ and created one of the biggest new player rushes in server history. Much of the attention of was on Havana itself and the city became a hive of activity from new and existing players, and buildings under construction at any one time exceeded five for weeks. The resulting months builds included significant expansion to the western roadside and police, hospital and fire buildings, the addition of the slums, two Roman builds in the east, the Great Survival Map building, a large hotel at the northern end of the city, the Havana map art gallery, phantom shelter (believed the be the first on the server), and water treatment facility, among other builds. During this time, a writing competition was also run through the Havana Library, by Sam_Argos.

Through June, July and August, activity steadied but was still constant, as newer citizens grew into the city community. During this period, much of city activity was catch-up work and tying up loose ends from the previous busy period.

Later Stages and Survival 3

View of the completed 'post-office' block
A small handful of citizens at the end of Survival 2

The later stages of the Survival 2 world saw a revival of activity from the older members of the city, adding to and generally finishing up old projects. The Havana Castle was expanded and walls were starting to be built, and the Department Store was finally furnished. A long-planned Post Office was built, and several city blocks received buildings with the intention of completing them. The large Minecraft version museum building was constructed as well as most of the cathedral, west the fortress. A long time after the other two had been banned, the final Cookie Company brother resurfaced and caused angst among the city council, which was partially resolved with trust arrangements. A treasure hunt was held to mark the 1ˢᵗ anniversary of the city, with good attendance and reception.

Activity in the city continued until the final day of Survival 2. The Hydropolian embassy was completed only 12 hours before the closure of the world. Final goodbyes were sent and citizen pictures were made on impromptu seating in the final week.

List of Builds

Build Location Creator(s) Notes
Grand Central Station Downtown Havana 20.png _edo Center of Survival 2's SRN
City Hall Downtown Havana 20.png Aeghu_edo Information hub for Havana
Starter Farms + Tree Farm Downtown Havana (stretching North) _edo

20.png FredRaket

Free-to-use starter farms, including cobblestone, wood, food (wheat) and enchantments. The wood farm was designed by _edo, built in sur2 by Fredraket.
Harbour Downtown Havana 20.png Skelleton123


Unfinished, planned for 1.13.2
Lighthouse Ocean 20.png Mr_Quasi
SRN HQ Main Road (Southern half) 20.png darparniox Information hub, donation center and

storage for the SRN

SRN Secondary Line Offices Main Road (Southern half) darparniox
Grand Survival Map Building Main Road (Southern half) Skelleton123 Grand Map positioned vertical,

planned to be horizontal in 1.13.2

Quasi's Embassy Main Road (Southern half) Mr_Quasi
Akkara Embassy Main Road (Southern half) 20.png LAK3RS

20.png William278

LilMonster's Hell Shop Main Road (Northern half) 20.png LilMonsterGaming
Havana Cookie Company (HCC) Shop Main Road (Northern half) 20.png herocreep221

20.png heroblaze221

20.png ScaryMJDiamCreep20.png Aeghu

Original build by the first two,

renovations by the other two

Havana Cookie Company Factory East of HCC Shop herocreep221




Original build by the first two,

renovations by the other two

Havana Water North of HCC Factory 20.png Xman404
Phantom Shelter Between Akkara Embassy and Slums 20.png Bubblewingss Never used for actually Phantom protection since the Survival 2 world never upgraded to Minceraft version 1.13
Havana Slums Between Tree Farm and HCC Factory 20.png SamanthaArgos Group of buildings. Has its own Wiki page.
Havana Castle North Entrance of Havana Skelleton123

20.png marbou9

North Gate West of Havana Castle Skelleton123



Features flags representing all Havana citizens
Cathedral Between North Gate and Spawn Road Gate Aeghu Unfinished
Spawn Road Gate West of the Cathedral Skelleton123


Gate to the road to Survival 2 Spawn
_gewoon_iemand_'s village North of Spawn Road Gate 20.png _gewoon_iemand_
Havana Graveyard North of City Walls 20.png Meetmycat
MC Versions Museum Museum Road 20.png Arkhangellsk Exterior finished, interior unfinished
Mob Head Museum Museum Road marbou9 Houses one of the two largest

Mob Head collections on Survival 2

Hydropolis Embassy Museum Road 20.png DragonFire441 Not part of all world downloads, built on

the last few days of Survival 2

MC Art Museum Museum Road

Library Square

20.png RY44 Houses all Minecraft paintings
Map Art Museum Museum Road

Library Square

Havana Promenade

20.png heatjr Houses map arts made by players
Shrine of the Endergod Library Square 20.png Dragonranger35



Building(s) by Dragonranger35, terraforming

by Skelleton123 & marbou9

Havana Hotel North of Art Museum 20.png RetroSquirrel
Cookies' Clothing Boutique East of Hotel 20.png Cookies58_
The Space Bar East of Cookies' Clothing Boutique 20.png Taqukaq77 Eatery and club
Northern NTN Portal Between Cathedral and Hotel _edo
Havana Promenade Street connecting Library Square

to Grand Central Station

Aeghu Inspired by Paseo del Prado in real life Havana
Havana Library Library Square

Havana Promenade



Houses many books written by players. Designed by SamanthaArgos, built in sur2 by _edo.
Havana Clothing Store Havana Promenade Aeghu


Havana Flower Shop Havana Promenade Aeghu


Havana Gift Shop Havana Promenade Aeghu


El Floridita Café Havana Promenade

Westgate Road



Restaurante & Bar, considered to be the

heart of Havana. A total of 16,384 netherrack

was placed to give it a nice red counter

Havana Department Store West of Grand Central Station

Westgate Road



Place for citizens to create chest shops or

exchange cheap building blocks

Construction Site Westgate Road _edo Meant to represent a potential expansion

for the Havana Department Store

Quasi's Discs Westgate Road Mr_Quasi
Tienda de Pintura Extraordinaire Westgate Road SamanthaArgos Dye shop
Chesire Cat Office Supplies Westgate Road SamanthaArgos Paper/book shop
Redstone Shop & Consulting Westgate Road 20.png Jarb0ss

20.png Jake_Fabulous

Botanical Gardens Westgate Road Jake_Fabulous Gardens featuring various Minecraft flora
Pet Shop East of Botanical Gardens SamanthaArgos
Cyberdog Newsletter East of Botanical Gardens SamanthaArgos Newsletters written by William278
Boxing & Fitness Gym East of Botanical Gardens SamanthaArgos
Courtyard + Food Trucks Enclosed by buildings on:

Havana Promenade

Westgate Road

Road running East of Botanical Gardens



Includes statue of "The Havanian"

and graffiti from diorite gangs

Havana Zoo Westgate Road 20.png Dinosaur_Rider



Started by Dinosaur_Rider, renovated partially

by marbou9 & Aeghu. Remained unfinished

Dino's Minor Goods Westgate Road Dinosaur_Rider
Havana Hospital Westgate Road Taqukaq77
Chicken Restaurant North of Havana Hospital 20.png WaterCreeper500
Carnival North of Havana Hospital 20.png EllenNL
Havana Antiquities Westgate Road darparniox
Landscape Company Westgate Road 20.png Pilotcrafted42
Havana Vet Services & Supplies Westgate Road 20.png JohJanCal
Mexican Restaurant Westgate Road 20.png zsmate2014

20.png ArrowsTheHunter

Started by zsmate2014, finished by ArrowsTheHunter
Micromesa Tourism Bureau Westgate Road 20.png Mrs_Diss
BLP's Chicken & Melon Westgate Road 20.png badlittlepig
Arrows' Havana Home Westgate Road ArrowsTheHunter
Books Galore Westgate Road DogLover_Rose Incomplete
Havana Police Department Westgate Road 20.png Sergeant_Sparta


Havana Fire Department Westgate Road 20.png minu_06
DrobotBeast's Hotel Westgate Road 20.png BrainSmasher_
Stationary Shop North of Fire Department 20.png endorwitch Built in the last few days of Survival 2
Archbucks Coffee South of Havana Antiquities

West of Construction Site

Arkhangellsk Based on Starbucks
Havana Post Office Riverview Road

South of Havana Department Store

South of Construction Site



Serverwide Post Office to leave other people items.

Survival 3's Post Office, also built by _edo, features a similar build pallette.

Yellow House Riverview Road xX_DaddyUnicorn_Xx Oldest house along Riverview Road
Green House Riverview Road DivineIngenuity
Burger Bar & BBQ Riverview Road 20.png bricksburger
Xander's Biological Juices Riverview Road 20.png xandermuis
Fresh Fish Shop Riverview Road 20.png Ma1war3
Slime Farm Door in Harbour (South of GCS) Skelleton123
Sewer System Under most roads in Havana _edo & many others
Brianetta's House East of Tree Farm 20.png Brianetta
Skeleton Grinder North of Brianetta's House Brianetta
Beach Resort East of Brianetta's House 20.png Taeolas
Wither Temple Roman District Brianetta
Domus Brianettae Roman District Brianetta Features a realistic Roman floorplan of a domus. Inspired by Brianetta's real life vacation to Rome.
Temple/Church/Shrine Roman District 20.png Domino_1 Interior unfinished
Havana Bath House & Spa Roman District 20.png AtollaBell Several levels underground, featuring pools,

saunas and a bar

Rendog Statue Ren Mountain

Between Downtown Havana &

Industrial District



Designed & built by Skelleton123, three stacks of

diamond blocks delivered by marbou9

Villager Breeder & Trading Hall Industrial District (South of Havana) marbou9


Melon/Pumpkin Farm Industrial District Skelleton123
Farming Tower + Citizen Storage Industrial District marbou9


Automatic farms for melons, pumpkins,

carrots, potatoes, wheat, seeds and sugarcane

Iron Farms Industrial District marbou9


Chorus Fruit Farm Industrial District 20.png ChrisTheWalrus


Old General Mob Farm Industrial District (before removed) 20.png OPwrecker Broken mobfarm that was removed.

Used to be between Trading Hall & Chorus Farm

Havana Stables Industrial District marbou9

20.png briggsmech

Builder's Storage Industrial District Mayors/Builders Main storage for Havana Builders/Mayors, featuring various minifarms
Cave Spider + Skeleton Farm Industrial District AtollaBell
Sapling Farm Industrial District 20.png KilluaChoun
Slime Farm Industrial District 20.png Kevinstop


Cow Farm Industrial District 20.png Camjacko321


Jake_Fabulous' House

Salty Dog Pub

Citizen District

(Between Downtown Havana &

Industrial District)

Quasi's Bed & Breakfast Citizen District Mr_Quasi
Cyber Dog Arcade Citizen District ArrowsTheHunter
Marbou9's House


Citizen District marbou9
Heatjr's House

Ice Cream Shop

Citizen District heatjr
Dark Grey House Citizen District Jarb0ss
Pilotcrafted42's Home Citizen District Pilotcrafted42
Kevinstop's House Citizen District Kevinstop
Skelly's General Goods

Skelly's Residence

Citizen District Skelleton123 One of multiple Skelly's General Goods

stores across Survival 2

Dionysus Dance Pad

Darparniox's House

Citizen District darparniox
Club Wreckastow

_edo's and Anthony's House

Citizen District _edo
Bear Bakery 1F Citizen District ??? [Please add owner if known]
Cookies' Residence Citizen District Cookies58_
Aeghu's Tea & Gifts

Aeghu's Residence

Citizen District Aeghu
Riverside Seating Area Riverside Road Pilotcrafted42
Paddle Steamer Water at Citizen District WaterCreeper500
Bridge South of Noob Square Aeghu


Designed by Aeghu in creative. Placed, modified and built by darparniox in Survival 2
Bridge Between Post Office and Citizen District _edo
Bridge South of Riverview Road Bricksburger
Bridge Between slums and Bath House 20.png Glowlee


Background Takeshi by Edo