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Survival 4 Husky
Looking south on Smithers Avenue in Vitruvius on 25 November 2021
WorldSurvival 4 (Husky)
FoundedSummer 2020
Mayor(s)20.png _Shako
Contributors20.png _Shako, LoLoBoom4K (now known as 20.png PIKAchantyface), 20.png eybwam, 20.png HB5
LocationX= -2151
Y= 65
Z= 2074
TransportHusky Southwest Branch Line
Nether Transport Network

Vitruvius was an active town on the Survival 4 Husky world of the Dogcraft Server. The town was founded, planned, and constructed by 20.png _Shako starting in late Summer 2020. Vitruvius was located almost exactly 3000 blocks perfectly southwest from Spawn. Vitruvius was not any player's main base, as 20.png _Shako's primary residence was located on the northern border of Gaia.


Vitruvius was modeled after the Victorian-American city pattern, with rows of mixed-use commercial and residential buildings that are narrower along the street and longer perpendicular to the street. Architectural styles emulated in Vitruvius included Italianate, Georgian, Greek Revival, Neoclassical-revival, Romanesque-revival, and Art Deco.

Vitruvius was started by 20.png _Shako in response to the rapid expansion of the Road and Horse Network (RHN). The area made sense, from a planning perspective, to be the site of a junction/hub of roads. 20.png _Shako took inspiration from the transport hub cities of the eastern United States, which grew rapidly during the industrialization of the U.S. with Victorian architecture spreading and evolving rapidly. Five major roads maintained by the RHN converged at Vitruvius: Flower Hills Road toward The Haven (2.1km) and Gaia (3.0km); Eagle Road toward Oasis (4.7km); Vitruvius Road toward the SRN Headquarters (3.2km); Mountain March Road toward the Stone Exchange (2.5km); and Lotus Isthmus Road toward Lotus (3.1km) and Pinksville (3.2km).

The majority of buildings in Vitruvius were mixed-use buildings, designed to be bought as property by any player, with a shop on the main floor and two or three floors of residential space above. While the first floor had to be a shop, the upstairs space was not as restricted and was allowed to be used in other ways, even as expanded shop space.

The main square of Vitruvius was located at the intersection of Smithers Avenue and Lotus Isthmus Road, flanked by the Trading Hall and Super Smelter buildings. A replica of XisumaVoid's Gaudy Guardian, modified with stone and andesite, was placed in the center of the square.

Vitruvius was named after an ancient Roman architect who coined the phrase "firmitas, utilitas, venustas," meaning "strength, usefulness, beauty" and whose writings about proportion in design inspired Leonardo Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man.


An example of a city that Vitruvius is modeled after: Cumberland, Maryland, U.S., located on the historic National Road. Imagery is from the United States Geological Survey.

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