Casa Cavellini & Negozio di Musica

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Casa Cavellini & Negozio di Musica
Survival 4 Husky
MindaGaia2021-04-28 23.30.22.png
The conjoined Casa Cavellini (right) and Negozio di Musica (left)
WorldSurvival 4 (Husky)
Builder(s)20.png Minda905
Contributors20.png eybwam
CompletedMay 2021
LocationX= -1607
Y= 65
Z= -389

Casa Cavellini & Negozio di Musica were two conjoined buildings within the City of Gaia, built by 20.png Minda905 on the Survival 4 world of the Dogcraft Server.


A while after finishing La Casa Musicale Minda wanted to challenge herself to build at an angle. Seeing as the previous build she'd made in Gaia wasn't a home, she wanted to make a residence for herself within the city, and thus began the planning and building in April of 2021.

The space she was interested to build in posed some challenging angles, with already built houses, the canal and the west SRN line framing the area, and in the end there were two intersecting builds rather than one - a family home and a music store.

When the interior of the first house (Casa Cavellini) finally was done, Minda found herself short on inspiration to finish the full inside of the second house, and it posed an extra challenge with its interior shape, so she called on help from 20.png eybwam to finalize the 2nd floor while she worked on the street level.

Design & Layout


The two houses were built on slightly different angles and were conjoined in the middle, but distinguishable from each other by having matching, but slightly different block pallets:

Casa Cavellini - Light gray concrete powder foundation, white terracotta walls, roof of granite, bricks, polished andesite and stonebricks, and window shutters of spruce trapdoors.

Negozi di Musica - White concrete walls, roof of red sanstone and acacia planks, dark oak trapdoors for window shutters and notable colourful stained glass windows on the backside facing the canal.

Both buildings matched in the details of polished diorite for window sills, andesite walls for downpipes, bricks, chiseled and pillar style quartz for wall edges/framing, as well as climbing vines of jungle- and acacialeaves decorated with oak fences and hanging lanterns.

The closest surrounding areas next to the buildings got decorated with greenerey as well as some spread out tables and chairs. The allyway between Casa Cavellini and the neighbouring build by 20.png Philip98999 was further decorated with "clotheslines" of hanging lanterns inbetween them in the colours of the Gaian flag.


Casa Cavellini had three floors;

- 1st floor with entrance and a small kitchen open to the diningroom in the back

- 2nd floor with passing corridor, master bedroom and bathroom

- 3rd floor with a combined livingroom/entertainment space, as well as a smaller bedroom and access to the rooftop terrance on top of the conjoined music store.

Negozio di Musica had two floors, both levels with an open floorplan;

- Street level with main store of wares and counter with check out register

- 2nd floor held more exclusive wares and a listening corner, put together with help from 20.png eybwam.


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