List of RHN Roads and Paths (Survival 4)

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For more information about RHN, see Road and Horse Network
For the list from Survival 5, see List of RHN Roads and Paths (Survival 5)

This is a list of roads and paths made by the Road and Horse Network (RHN) on the Survival 4 Husky Dogcraft Server. Paths on the Beagle server were generally built by the .Path Network Group as opposed to the RHN. Husky and Beagle was shut down on March 14th 2022, meaning the update that came on that date was the last update for this list.

20.png TyrantrumGOD brought the idea of creating this list to the RHN during Survival 4 and made it the next day. While doing so, he made a spreadsheet with every road and path that has been made on Dogcraft Husky.

List of roads and paths

RHN Roads on Survival 4 Husky
Picture Name of Road/Path Distance (KM/Kilometre) Builder(s)
1st Street 0.2 km _edo (initial version)
2nd Street 0.8 km _edo (initial version)
Annex Street 0.3km Cookies, _edo
Aria Road 0.5 km Kinda_lost
Blues Beach Road.png Blues Beach Road 1.3 km _Shako
Circumference Alley Unfinished _edo (initial version), _Shako (upgrades)
Desert Islands Road.png Desert Islands Road 2.0 km _Shako, TyrantrumGOD, Elednor89, EddyTeach
Eagle Road 3.7 km _Shako, ArchitectEagle
Edo Bridge Road 1.5 km _edo, _Shako
Egg Harbor Road Unfinished
Falcon Road Unfinished
Flower Hills Road 2.0 km _Shako
Forest Hall Road 26 sept 2021.png Forest Hall Road 0.5 km _Shako, Le_Gambit
Gaia Road 1.9 km _edo (inital version), _Shako (upgrades)
Gambit Road 26 sept 2021.png Gambit Road 0.4 km _Shako, Le_Gambit
Gorge Road 0.4 km ArchitectEagle
Gremjulegar Avenue 0.6 km _Shako
Grove Avenue 0.6 km Montenator, _Shako
Gulch Road 0.4 km LoLoBooM4k, _Shako
HeavyDork Avenue 0.2 km _Shako, HeavyDork
Ice Gap Road July 15th.png Ice Cap Road 0.2km Montenator, _Shako
Kimandjax Road 26 sept.png Kimandjax Road 0.2 km _Shako, Le_Gambit, kimandjax
Land Bridge Road > 4.7 km _edo (initial version), _Shako (upgrades)
Lillian Avenue 0.2 km Montenator
Lotus Isthmus Road 3.1 km _Shako, FangsofAmber
Mackaville Road 26 sept 2021.png Mackaville Road 0.4 km _Shako, Le_Gambit
M-Bay Road 0.8 km Montenator
Mountain March Road 2.5 km _Shako, TheWhiteTiger
Nimwald Road 2.6 km Chriizsich, Kar204, _Shako
Northline Street on June 5th.png Northline Street 0.2 km (unfinished) _edo
Nossi Gap Road 1.7 km _Shako, _edo
Oak Bay Road 3.1 km _Shako
Oasis Road 0.5 km TyrantrumGOD, StenLLuk,

Aeghu, _Shako

Old Town Road 0.3 km StenLLuk
Ollie Road 0.3 km OllieDR, _edo (upgrades)
Orion Road 26 sept 2021.png Orion Road 0.2 km _Shako, Le_Gambit
Overpass Avenue 0.7 km _Shako (upgrades)
Oxbow Road July 26th.png Oxbow Road 0.2 km _Shako
Pinksville Road 0.9 km _Shako, skyhook2415
Prosperity Road 1.8 km expedtadam, _edo, _Shako
Rail Station Road 2.0 km _Shako
Rainforest Road 0.3 km (unfinished) Montenator
River Gorge Avenue 0.3 km starr274 (?)
Shoreline Road 1.4 km _edo, _Shako
Sikukuu Road 0.3 km Montenator, _Shako
Smithers Avenue 0.3 km _Shako
Spoons Neck Road.png Spoons Neck Road 0.3 km _Shako
Spruceland Road 0.5 km _edo
Starripup Avenue 0.1 km _Shako
Stone Exchange Road on June 5th.png Stone Exchange Road 2.5 km _Shako
Takeshi Bridge Road 0.2 km _edo
Takeshi Road 1.2 km _edo
Valhalla Road 0.3 km _Shako (Original maker is unknown)
Vitruvius Road 1.2 km _Shako
White Tiger Road Unfinished

Roads and paths currently under construction

  • Circumference Alley
  • Egg Harbor Road
  • Falcon Road
  • Northline Street
  • Rainforest Road
  • White Tiger Road

Construction progression chart

This is a graph by 20.png TyrantrumGOD of RHN road development on Husky over time, as of March 14th 2022.


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