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Survival 5 Shepherd
Caelon Logo.png
The Caleon Logo
WorldSurvival 5 (Shepherd)
Founded18 March 2022
LocationX= 4100
Y= 64
Z= -1300

Caelon was a large city-build on the Survival 5 world of the Dogcraft Server.


Caelon was a Byzantine-inspired city, succeeding the sur4 City of Gaia, created by the same group. As before, it aimed to create a space which could facilitate community interaction, whilst also creating an aesthetically pleasing project in a unique style.

The city imagined itself as consisting of byzantine-inspired architecture combining with elements and technology which might be associated with the steampunk, and the 20th century. The understanding of the "byzantine" architectural style was predominantly taken from artistic impressions of Constantinople, which is modern-day Istanbul. A strong emphasis was placed on verticality, making use of custom terrain which stretched skywards, providing multiple interconnected vertically adjacent planes, onto which builds could perch. The key features of the terraforming were white cliffs, partially inspired by those of Dover, making use of 1.18's introduction of calcite. Beneath these lie black-sanded beaches, and above lies a more standard grassy landscape.

an example of Caelonian Architecture and Cliffs, late august 2022


Caelon's management inherited much of the structure and many of the members of Gaia. The council formed a central group which ran the city, within a larger senate, wherein were other members who support the council, but were generally less involved with the running of Caelon.


20.png Cookies58_, 20.png dmgdog, 20.png Domino_1, 20.png DragonFire441, 20.png marbou9, 20.png misterblue28, 20.png RY44, 20.png Txp_


20.png almightyanna, 20.png Arkhangellsk, 20.png blueartistic813, 20.png darparniox, 20.png ebi_furya, 20.png googly2002, 20.png Iotados, 20.png JarrydG_ZA, 20.png Skelleton123, 20.png William278

Adjacent Areas

Partially as a consequence of the lack of homes at the beginning of sur5, many of those within the council and senate chose to create their personal bases within the vicinity of Caelon: going clockwise around Caelon were the settlements of: Iotados, Cookies58_, Txp_, Arkhangellsk (ArkParis), ebi_furya, misterblue28 and Skelleton123 (Isle of Hibernia).

Caelon was further connected to mainland to the south via bridge, with further planned bridged towards the north, and to the east into ArkParis, to facilitate connections for the SRN and RHN networks. There were also plans to connect to the CSC network

Name Etymology

The name Caelon is based off the Roman god Caelus, the god of the sky.

Progress Maps


Background Takeshi by Edo