PinksVille 2.0

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PinksVille 2.0
Survival 4 Husky
Pinksville 2 end 20.png
PinksVille 2.0
WorldSurvival 4 (Husky)
Founded20.png _skyhook
Mayor(s)20.png _skyhook
LocationX= -1052
Y= 70
Z= 1359604
TransportNo rail acess
No NTN acess

PinksVille 2.0 was a settlement on the Survival 4 world of the Dogcraft Server founded by _skyhook.


Pinksville 2.0 was the continuation of the original Pinksville from 2021. This time around it was built on a large mushroom island so no mobs would spawn. The island was terraformed and covered in moss, based around the month of February and Valentines Day. It imbodied everything about love, peace and PINK. Additionally, 20.png _skyhook decided to spice up the builds with a build battle, setting up 16x16 plots for the added complexity of Let the best pink build win. _Skyhook plans to hold this as an annual server event as long as there is interest.


Pinksville 2 end 20.png

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You could travel to Pinksville 2.0 by use of /phome pinksville 2.0.